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York St John P/T PGCE Primary March 2011

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by ditwee, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. ditwee

    ditwee New commenter

    Did it a few years back - one piece of advice - try to arrange your own placements if possible (and as early as possible) because they struggle to do it. Although I did it F/T which was a mistake!!
  2. Hi Kelly
    Yes I too am starting the course in March. Did they give you an exact start date or induction pack?
  3. Hello Sal, Nice to meet you. When was your interview? No they didn't, I have sent my CRB off (recieved it too) and Medical form and still waiting to hear something back. Kelly x
  4. Bumping to see if anymore people are around :eek:) x x
  5. Had my interview on 11/11/10 ... still waiting to hear

  6. HI,

    I have an interview on 9th Dec for upper primary part time!!

    Im scared now that there will be hardly any places left for primary with it starting in March!!

    How was the interview process?? any tips??

    Ps have you got a place??

  7. Hi Mel,

    Good luck for the interview etc ... Yes I got my offer! Soooo pleased thought I had bombed during the day ... but got official letter with feedback and I did Ok! I'm doing Lower Primary.

    Day is fine .... intro talk, then written task (20 min), then maths, science, english & ict test (again 20 min), then campus tour, then group task followed by break for lunch and then individual interviews.

    Good luck again, Victoria
  8. Hi,

    Thanks for your reply.....were there a lot of people there who were going for the part time option?? Im just really worried I have left it too late!!
    I only realised York did this part time course 2 months ago and with me having a little boy its ideal!!
    Anyway thanks for info and hopefully will be able to get a place!!
  9. Hello everyone! Well done on getting your place Victoria, Fab news.
    Have you had your interview yet Mel? I applied for this course at christmas time last year, but I only found out about it through a friend. Its ideal for me too as I have two children, a boy of 7months and a girl who is 5years old. Not sure if i would of been able to juggle it full time. The only thing is I dont live local, I am about an hour and half away from your so travellings going to be a toughie.. Im hoping to get my placements (relatively) local though!
    Anybody else starting this course in March? Im getting really excited now! Kelly x
  10. Hi Kelly,

    Yes i had my interview on thursday! Think i did ok in group interview and individual one but really worried i messed up on the tests!! It was nerves more than anything, made some stupid mistakes!! Hope it doesnt cost me a place!!
    Wow you applied early then!! Got my fingers and toes crossed i will get a place!! Gonna be gutted if i dont get in........they said i will hear within 2 weeks so will let you know!
    I live in wakefield so i have quite a journey to get in....drove in on thursday but the traffic was terrible. Think i will get park and ride if i get a place. Where are you coming from? They said you could arrange the shorter placements yourself so you could arrange them local to you but i think they have to sort the bigger ones out but will do everyting they can to arrange them somewhere convenient!
    Will hopefully have some news soon
  11. Hello Melanie :eek:) Im sure you have done fine, when we went Tim said the tests were just used as a guide to see what level you are at and not to worry about them too much.. I think I got an A in English, B in ICT & Science and a D in maths.. which doesnt surprise me as its my weakest subject and I am an English graduate!
    I live near Middlesbrough.. up North way. I parked at the car park directly across from the university but it was £10 for the day. Let me know how you get on, got everything crossed for you, Kelly x
  12. I got on!!!!
    Am absolutely over the moon as thought i didnt stand a chance!!
    Are you all going to the induction day??
    Melanie xx
  13. Brilliant! Congratulations! What a Xmas Pressie!

    Yes, I'm going to the induction day on 22nd - nervous as anything!

    See you there! :)

    Victoria xxx
  14. Huge congratulations to all of you above who have already achieved your places on the PT Primary PGCE @ York St Johns!
    I am super-duper scared (trying to convince myself the nerves are just excitement!), as I have my interview for the same course this Thursday 13th (at least it's not Friday 13th, hey!!) and would love to join you lucky people on the PGCE more than anything! I've been trying so hard to prepare for the interview with KS3 BBC bitesize revision for English, Maths and Science, reading as much as I can about current hot topics in education and just trying to remain as positive as possible that my experience in schools and passion will help me remain confident on the day!
    However, I am still very scared... does anyone have any tips you wouldn't mind sharing about the interview process? I guess I am most nervous about the written task element and the group interview as I really do not know what to expect from these and therefore, how best to prepare!!
    Any advice appreciated soooo much!
    Helena x

  15. Hi Helena,
    Am sure you will be great ... dont worry too much, the structure of the day is well set out and we left alot earlier than 5pm ... more like 2:30pm. Its a brief intro to course, then 20 min written task (I did a mind map in case i didnt get everything written down that I wanted to say) ... then 20 min on maths, english, ict & science ... my tip was to skip my weaker subject and race through the others so i had more time to concentrate ... but am sure you will be fine on all of them!
    Then it was a tour with student ambassadors around campus, followed by coffee ... then onto group tasks (which i genuinely bombed in!) and these are just a discussion and compilation of ideas to present to other group and then questions from your observing team.
    After that its lunch and timed interviews ... interview is v relaxed but does have a 'scenario' question at the start but as you have experience in school you will fly through that I'm sure.
    My ultimate advice is let them see your passion and drive ... good luck ... let us know how you get on

    best wishes, Victoria
  16. Hello, sorry to gatecrash but I'm planning on applying for the P/T Lower Primary PGCE course starting March 2012. I was just wondering if you could tell me when you applied? I contacted the uni in October and was told that it was too early to apply and to apply around May this year but I think someone mentioned they applied around Christmas time last year for this year's course? Hope that makes sense?!
    Thanks and congratulations to you all! :)
  17. Hi everyone Helena, I am sorry I didnt see your note until today so too late to offer any advice....although Victoria covered everything anyway!! I really hope the interview went ok...let us know when you hear anything!!
    Lovaafterlove, I applied in October to start 2011 so it would have been too early foir the 2012 entry....I would imagine they would accept applications anytime now!
    Are you all set for Saturday?? I am really looking forward to it!!
  18. Hi Melanie,
    Excited & nervous at the same time - are you taking anything other than the £5 for lunch and pen and paper?


    Re applications not sure how it works if its for f/t option as that (i think) is thru GTTR rather than direct to YSJ for p/t / flexible routes ... I applied sept 2010 for march 2011 start

  19. I think thats all we need to be honest!! Do you think there will be any pre-course work??
    Where is everyone coming in from?? I drive from Wakefield and am not making the same mistake as last time by driving in...the traffic is horrendous!! Think I will get the park and ride!! just glad its only for 2 days a week!!
    Has anyone sorted placements out yet??
  20. I think there is work associated with 2 week pre course placement ...
    I'm in Selby so will either bus or train it in on Saturday... at that time on a Saturday a drive in would probably be OK(ish) as no school/work run to deal with ...


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