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Yoga for children...

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Superman7, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Was thinking of introducing some childrens yoga exercises. Anyone done this in school before? Any ideas?
  2. We have bought in a 'yoga bugs' teacher to teach the Nursery and Reception children and the sessions were fantastic - they were 30 minute stories with the yoga moves to correspond to the events in the story. Not sure if you can google and maybe get info or even if you can buy in a couple of sessions and develop it from there. Personally, I couldn't do the sessions myself, I am the least flexible person ever !
  3. We had a yoga teacher come into school and do some sessions but they didn't really work for us - far too much stillness, quietness and not enough doing stuff! It just didn't match with the needs of our pupils (special school) so we didn't continue with it.
    However, we have had providers come in to do wrestling and dance - both were fantastic! The children loved wrestling. I will admit to having my doubts about whether it might be too physical and lead to aggression outside the session but they were really good and we could see the progress they made each week with their control, co-ordination, self-discipline and level of participation. The children also get a lot out of the dance sessions and really love it.
  4. I always finish my PE lessons with some yoga breathing and relaxation (which I learnt from going to yoga myself). I have recently been doing yoga for Golden Time and found some really helpful clips on <u>you tube</u>. I just typed in <u>yoga for kids</u>. My class love our yoga sessions[​IMG]
  5. We had a fantastic lady come into a school I was at for a while as part of a one-off day we were doing - she basically did a lot of very simple yoga poses, but linked them into the theme of animals and brought it down to the children's level... of course me having to join in was a somewhat less graceful affair but it did calm the kids down for a nice quiet afternoon!
  6. choralsongster

    choralsongster New commenter

    My assistant is a qualified yoga teacher, and has been teaching 1 yoga lesson a week with my Reception kids. Some she teaches using Yoga Pretzels, which are simple cards which can be used by anyone. See Amazon website for more details xx

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