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Yippeee, I've passed all my skills tests!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by bebamacie, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. One Q down, 32 to go!!

  2. terri1972

    terri1972 New commenter

    Lmao :0) (who's for banning the letter Q from the alphabet!!)
    Well done you!
  3. After this year I hope to never hear of it again!!
  4. well done you - i've got all 3 of mine tomorrow, wish me luck!
    I passed all 3 of mine today too!
  6. Me too, YIPPPEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!
  7. terri1972

    terri1972 New commenter

    Well done everyone! I hope I can join you on the 26th of October!!
    Bebamacie - ditto!
  8. I'm the 26th too!
  9. As an NQT you do it all again, minus the skills tests of course :)
  10. terri1972

    terri1972 New commenter

    Aaghh! Don't!!

    Aedidds - I'll be thinking of you then...maybe we can send good vibes to each other!
  11. Can finally add my name to this little thread - passed all 3 tests on my 1st attempt today :eek:) Phew!
  12. I am also ecstatic to say I have passed mine 1st time too !!!!! One less thing to think about..
  13. and me!
  14. cupofteacher

    cupofteacher New commenter

    Is the numeracy one as hard as the practice ones?!!
  15. Sorry to gloat, but I thought the numeracy one was the easiest!!! Passed all mine today, first go-am so desperate to show off, it's untrue. Can't believe I passed the ICT one, I was dreading it-hardly slept and was shaking like a leaf when I sat down to take it.
  16. Congratulations to you all! I have mine on the 25th, can anyone offer any advice at all? Shall I just swot up on everything?

    kayls x
  17. Practise, practise, practise worked for me for the ICT test. Remember with this one that everything you need is at hand-you just need to know where to look for things. If you can, practise the test on a couple of different computers or practise doing things like cut and paste in different ways. I practised on my laptop at home where I could "right click"and then took the test using a mouse which wouldn't let me do that, and that threw me a bit. For the Literacy test, remember that apart from the spellings, all of the answers are in front of you and take your time to choose carefully which one you think is right. If maths isn't your subject I don't know what to suggest, other than keep practising the skills tests online. I know you can buy books to pass the tests, but I can't help but think they're a nice little earner for someone, somewhere. Good luck x.
  18. cupofteacher

    cupofteacher New commenter

    I am soooo happy that I can now add my name to this thread!
  19. terri1972

    terri1972 New commenter

    And me!
    So happy to be able join the far-famed passers!! [​IMG]
  20. And me! Yay!

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