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Yet another on the escape committee.. advice sought

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by EDCASE, Nov 8, 2017.


    EDCASE New commenter

    After 23 years teaching Chemistry and Physics I have decided to call it a day rather than stick it out for another 15 yrs or so. Mental health problems (work related) aren't going away, so a change is needed by neccessity (as well as choice it has to be said).

    I'd be interested in possibly becoming qualified to do some counselling (for stress, anxiety or similar) so could do with some advice on which course/s or providers to pursue if possible.

    I have loads of behaviour management experience, am quite adept at that side of things and have done courses/talks on this in the past so could also do with a course provider whom may be interested in taking a punt.

    In the short term I will be supporting myself with the odd bit of day/short term supply but would also consider examining, exam marking, or anything similar, so any other suggestions, education related would also be appreciated.

    Finally, I'd also appreciate any suggestions or advice for career change outside of education totally, which would be appropriate for a 50 yr old bloke in decent physical health. Perhaps possible shortage areas, areas which may require re-training (not years of training).. please throw me any suggestions even remotely appropriate.

    Cheersin advance
  2. BYusuf

    BYusuf Occasional commenter TES Careers peer advisor

    Hi EDCASE,

    Any of the following (in no particular order) of interest to you?

    *Private tuition
    *Educational coach (for staff)
    *Higher Level Teaching Assistant
    *Teaching overseas
    *Museum educator
    *A role with an educational supplier
    *Science trainer (with educational training companies)


  3. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Lead commenter

    Anyone can call themself a counsellor, unfortunately. However if you want to practice ethically as one you are looking at an expensive and very time consuming four year course.

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