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Yet another name for a cover supervisor......

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by dazedconfused, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. I was just beginning to get used to 'Cover Supervisor' and 'Learning Manager' as terms for much the same thing- but what did i see an advert for in my local paper?.........a 'Study Manager'! I wonder what further 'doublethink' techniques will be employed by schools to 'muddy the waters' yet further? It really is all beginning to seem like it could be something from the pages of Nineteen Eighty Four. Has anyone else seen any other names used to add to these three? We could start to write a 'Dictionary of Modern Educational Terminology'.
  2. brush75

    brush75 New commenter

    An academy near us had a post as "Learning Facilitator" which I assumed was a daft name for a TA until I read the advert - yep, it was a Cover Supervisor.
  3. "Associate Teacher"
  4. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I have seen one advert for a school in Bradford, were they are called if memory serves me right 'classroom managers'. I baffled how they can be called associate teachers, without any teacher training, I have a few other names for them!
  5. satnav

    satnav New commenter

    I work in a school which has four cover supervisors, but each department has at least one 'Administrative Assistant', all of these Departmental Administrative Assitants are used on a daily basis to cover lessons and they certainly spend more time covering lessons than they do carrying out any administrative work.
  6. These might have been mentioned before, but it is worth putting them in the list:
    Faculty Specialist Learning Supervisor
    Subject Specialist Cover Supervisor
    Curriculum Specialist Learning Assistant

    And my favourite:
    Huh? What does a Parateacher do? Arrive via the window with stun grenades and tazers? Or is that just for failing academies, where the pupils go on strike?[​IMG]
  7. Mr Gove, Education Secretary should scrap immediately all these dubious, unscrupulous, totally unacceptab;e roles!
    Every child in every lesson in every school must have the skills, knowledge and abilities of a fully qualified and registered teacher! No ifs or buts...these huge armies of TAs, HLSAs, CSs, curriculum managers, study managers etc etc etc etc etc alll salaried and at huge cost to taxpayers ARE NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PROPERLY QUALIFIED AND REGISTERED TEACHERS. Totally unacceptable and reaching intolerable depths of disrespect?
    The bullying, mocking and dimwit bureacracy must stop!

  8. There was a head in Reading, the Piggot School (circa 2005/6?) who thought up the term for an <u>unqualified teacher</u>: "Associate Teacher"???!! How crooked and disingenuous is that!
    I wonder whether he still hoodwinking people, parents and pupils?
  9. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    You what, I would not be surprised if he as got a knighthood from labour and appointed as a advisor to the Department of Education for the type of idea.
  10. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Associate Tutor is used in Unis...
  11. I was known as an associate teacher in my second placement as a pgce student, but everyone was very clear with pupils and parents what that meant
  12. PML79

    PML79 New commenter

  13. Thanks for all your (sometimes very amusing) replies to my post. I make that around the twelve mark for variations on the theme (and counting...). The 'Ministry of Doublethink' would have it's work cut out to trump any of them (such is the extraordinary level of Bull**** achieved). There's certainly ample material there to get my esteemed 'Dictionary of Modern Educational Terminology' off to a flying start. My idea would be to have an entry under 'Cover Supervisor' something along the lines of- 'Cover Supervisor'- a.k.a. 'Learning Manager', aka 'Study Manager', aka Associate Teacher etc......However, i would of course need to compose a definitive definition for the role- something suitably disparaging yet succint would be required. Any ideas anyone?
  14. How about using an acronym for a Supply-job Hitting Imitation Teacher???
  15. There was a post advertised in my local paper today, and the secondary school wanted a 'Learning Coach.' From the job description it sounded like they want a specialist maths teacher to work with children who are underachieving in maths, but don't want to pay for an actual teacher.

  16. If that's what a parateacher does I want to be one, it sounds like fun- and it made me laugh out loud [​IMG]
  17. How utterly exploitative, disrespectful and dishonest of the employing authorities!
    Is it one for prosecution by the Advertising Standards Authority?
    Qualified teachers will obviously not apply but who knows?
    Some might well be flattered by the title, "Learning Coach"? Or what about, "Personal Learning Coach to Royalty and the Aristocracy"?
  18. What's more is that being a Supply Teacher I went into a school as a Cover Supervisor, a lesser rate of pay, and yet the work set by the absent teacher needed to be explained and taught, Buddhism-The Four Noble Truths. Not many Cover Supervisors, I don't suppose, would now about Buddhism enough to explain just what the Truths mean. As a teacher you cannot not teach as it is unfair to the pupils and the school. I wonder what parents would say if they knew their children were being covered by a Cover Supervisor without teaching qualifications? In this case I had to take work or starve! Schools are constrained by budgets we know, but a certain level of hoesty would not go amiss.
  19. Also, Graham, I suspect that if you had refused, they would employ a 'cover supervisor' teacher who would do it, thus yet another rod for our backs would be formed
  20. The term para-teacher will have been borrowed from the legal profession's use of the term para-legal. This is someone who takes some of the load off the lawyers without actually being one. A bit like being a secretary but with additional responsibilities such as seeing clients and reading medical records. I used to be one, no legal expertise required apparently. Needless to say I was let go after 6 months. Not something I take personally, I think we all just realised that professionals need to have training and experience. Hm...

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