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Years of service - sick pay

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by tanith89, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. tanith89

    tanith89 New commenter


    I'm currently pregnant and might have to be off work due to extreme morning sickness. I was just wondering if anyone can clarify the years of service/sick pay for me.
    2 years at a school (1 year as local authority then 1 year as an academy)
    1 year at a new school (in the same local authority) going into my second year there.

    I would say I am going into my 4 year of service but does the year work in an academy count or will I only have 3 years of service?

    Any clarification would be helpful.

    Thank you
  2. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    I am not sure if TUPE has any relevance for sick pay, if you had the benefit of it for your second year at the first school. However, I would point out that you are not going into any year of service as far as the sick pay scheme is concerned, as the year for that starts on 1 April. If you started teaching 3 years ago, meaning I assume, September 2014, you will have taught at an LA school for at least part of each of the sick pay years 2014-5, 2015-6, 2016-7 and 2017-8, making 4 years. The Burgundy Book is clear that if you start teaching during a sick pay year, then it is treated as a full year. It does not seem clear on what happens if you move to a non-LA school during such a year, and return to LA later.

    I think your service should count as 4 years, but I would speak to you union. It is also worth you downloading the Burgundy Book. Even if it were only 3 years, you would still have 75 days, or 15 working weeks, taking you well into January.

    Two other points worth remembering. If you are off with a pregnancy related illness 6 weeks before the baby is due, then you will automatically start maternity leave. Meaning that, if the baby is due in February or earlier, you will not exhaust 75 days before maternity leave even if you are off the whole time. And on the positive side, such illness cannot be taken into account for any disciplinary purposes.
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