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Yearbook Software

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by ggisby, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Hi! Does anyone know of a simple to use and preferably free software for Yearbook production please? Much appreciated,
  2. clickschool

    clickschool New commenter

    Not exactly.
    Using a data source (e.g. Excel, Access or similar) and a DTP software (e.g. Publisher, PagePlus), it's straightforward enough to do a "catalogue merge".
    I'd do something like this...
    1. Set up a 'Google Web Form' (or similar) to collate people's names, comments etc for the year book. (after of course going through the typical reseach/design stage to make sure it does the job)
    2. Import the data into software that would allow easy proof-reading/editing of comments.
    3. Take photos of each student in order...(if they're happy enough...following guidelines to ensure suitability etc). Generate a file list to import and match up with "comments" data. It could be that students could upload their own photo into the web form.
    4. Check the data!
    5. Design year book and do a 'catalogue merge'
    6. Final editing... job done.
    My y7s have just done something not too dissimilar based on creating top-trump cards. The unit "Penguin Crew", involved drawing penguins using Inkscape and then using each others' artwork to create their own playing cards through a catalogue merge. They also learnt about databases in the process and by the end of it, were keen to edit the database and learn how to randomly generate data for the playing cards...as planned! Sorry, I digress... I hope this is of help to you Graham.
  3. Wow thanks for taking the time! It´s a great option,
    Thanks clickschool
  4. ict04

    ict04 New commenter

    I just discovered this little 'nugget' - 'Sophie' - have downloaded it but am having some problems (Windows 8 - argh). At least now I can get it running but the display is a little weird (overlapping menus unless I run it full-screen).


    It looks like a nice option - multiple platforms, server/network option to allow multiple access to the same work (different sections), exports to PDF etc.

    We are planning on burning the 'book' to a DVD with the 'Sophie Reader'.

    Anyone else tried this?

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