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Year5/6 Victorian Theme Art Ideas

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by AstroTaff, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. AstroTaff

    AstroTaff New commenter

    Could anyone suggest any simple but effective art lessons for a Year 5/6 class with the Victorians as a theme?

    Many Thanks
  2. We did paintings of Queen Victoria at different stages in her life, made mini Victorian Schools, made a dolls house out of shoe boxes, then put them all together to make the full house. You could do symmetry designing wallpaper in the style of WIlliam Morris, some of these are DT, but just some ideas! Hope they help!
  3. AstroTaff

    AstroTaff New commenter

    Wow thats a brilliant idea, I think they'd love to do that. Thank you
  4. Mrs Grumpy

    Mrs Grumpy New commenter

    Peg dollies? Old fashioned wooden clothes pegs, "dressed" with scraps of fabric, and painted and accessorised to do different jobs? (Sweeps, maids, undertakers, cooks, miners, shop assistants (Male and Female) etc. They could all be set in a "Victorian" street scene, with shops windows with period displays and signs... link with social history. You could also take a version of the "Water babies" to link in, and bits of Dickens, and do peg dolly tableaux to illustrate them? -Any help? (Tho' primary's not my scene, I've helped out friends before in that area)

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