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Year2 Read Write Inc

Discussion in 'Independent' started by camillawebster, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. camillawebster

    camillawebster New commenter

    I would love to hear about your experiences using RWI in Y2.
    Do you use the tail end of the phonics scheme or start the spelling scheme?
    What resources have you brought into?
    Are the online games any good and do they load and run smoothly? (our wifi is a big dodgy!)
    Thank you so much
  2. sabrinakat

    sabrinakat Star commenter

    You could try Primary as well...:)
  3. Stillstayingjohnson

    Stillstayingjohnson Occasional commenter

    RWI can be used very effectively (like most things) - Too often it is implemented poorly (like most things)

    I worked in an infant school that had used the scheme very effectively - phonics session, input, work books, feeding into independent writing. Demonstrated progress clearly.

    I have worked in two schools (and seen many more) that have half-*ssed it/can't afford to buy in/haven't used what they could buy in effectively.

    I would be starting the spelling scheme if your children have a firm grasp of the phonics.
    In my opinion, a daily phonics session would benefit children until at least upper KS2 (maybe beyond)
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