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Year SIx SATs: Achieving Level Five in Maths

Discussion in 'Primary' started by anon312, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Hello all [​IMG]
    I have a year six top set and 80% of my class have level five targets. Some of them are there already but I have many who just can't tip over into the level five bracket. They are making good progress and they achieve green lights in their classwork, which I pitch at level five.

    Is anyone else really successful in achieving level five with their children? How? Does anyone have any tips for learning and teaching that they could share?

    All help hugely appreciated - I'm feeling the pressure of year six massively right now!
  2. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    Presumably this is based on practice tests?
    Have you looked at the tests to see where they're losing marks?
    Is it the same sections for the bulk of them? Is it particular types of question? Is it those vital second marks on two-mark questions? Or is it that they just can't apply the stuff they can do through drill & practice into other contexts?
  3. I'd be interested too to know what other, more experienced, Y6 teachers say. In the meantime I can tell you what I'm doing with my borderline 5s.
    Firstly, ensure they are reaching 15 plus on the mental. The first part of the paper is L3 and L4 so thery should be doing that OK. Tell them to be careful - don't regard any of it as 'easy'.
    The latter part of the paper is L5 - are there particular areas where they are all struggling? Are they all finishing - mine aren't! Are they reading and understanding what they have to do? Part of the problem for me is the L5 type questions can be tricky and unpredictable; I also feel the threshold in Maths is too high. Sorry I've waffled wihtout saying anything of value, but it may prompt someone else to give a few wise words.
    Off to post now about the long writing task............
  4. There is an intervention designed for Year 8 pupils available from teachernet publications called 'Level 4 to 5 Maths' which is brilliant! It is all about investigation and if you work through it with the children it will tip them over the edge. Lots of my top 4's (year 5) have moved into Level 5 because of this!
  5. Thank you, Tafkam. I need to do a grid analysis on the recent test papers. That should highlight areas I can work on for the next few weeks.
  6. Thank you, MysteryLion! I'm off to look this up!

  7. Thanks, Red Lable...their mental skills are excellent they all score above 75% every time so I'm not too worried about this area.
    The L5 mental questions are rather unpredictable, the 2006 paper we;ve just sat had a couple of funny questions.
    Don't get me started on the thresholds!!

  8. Jumping on board here!

    Following another practise SATs week, I decided to do a grid analysis of the whole class, recording which questions they got right, and the ones they got wrong. I found it extremely valuable (however time consuming) and has now highlighted that my class are particularly weak in reading and interpreting charts, graphs, tables etc. Some were getting L5 questions right however losing marks on L3/4 data handling questions. It has also informed my science planning too!
    Good Luck!

  9. I'll def do a grid analysis then...have put thursday and friday aside as working days.
    Thanks LittleMissEducated.

  10. Thank you VittoriaMoon - I'd been looking for ages and not found this.
  11. Thankyou, too! - it has moved again - here it is for anyone still looking / interested:


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