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Year R interview PSED Focus

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by RR1, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. RR1

    RR1 New commenter

    I too have an interview for Year R soon and havenot taught for a few years. I need to do a 15 min's PSED input and 15 min's group activity for 6 children.

    It's the last 3 days of teram and a late afternoon lesson
    I love Pete the Cat and the I love my white shoes is such an upbeat story about being happy and staying positive by accepting change instead of crying, I was hoping to read it to the whole group, get them.all.joining in singing the chorus and discuss it's moral.

    Do you think I could do a Jenny Mosley type circle time then as my group activity with 6 children focusing on being happy using real life scenarios...

    Am really stressing over this now...over thinking it I reckon..and would be so very grateful if any of you 'up to date' teachers would comment on my ideas or offer some of their own.

    Thank you so much in advance
  2. grumbleweed

    grumbleweed Lead commenter

    Hi there. A bit late so you have probably got sorted.I'm not familiar with the story, I'd just be a little concerned if a story suggests that crying is bad, I don't personally think that's a good message for children. Being happy and staying positive, all good stuff, so focus on that.

    A circle time activity is a good idea, perhaps given the time of year, focus on things that make us happy? See if you can find out what they use for turn taking and if they don't you could use something. Jenny Moseley's website has some download able examples I think.

    Good luck.

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