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Year R frightening behaviour

Discussion in 'Personal' started by eggnchips, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. I have been working in Reception for a couple of days. The school is in an affluent area..no major issues. The behaviour of the some of the children was terrible. No intention of doing what was asked, shouting in my face,asked politely to stop/move onto something else wouldn't do it. Grabbing,pushing, pulling other children.
  2. Little savages - obviously not being taught social skills at home...
  3. inq


    I can well believe it.
    One of my Y1 children, from a similarly nice area, was excluded after several days of throwing chairs, books, kicking, bbiting, screaming obscenities and language that wouldn't be out of place in a BSED unit with teenagers etc. The final straw was trying to stab DH and SENCO with a pair of scissors. It's the other 29 who would quite like to learn that I feel sorry for.
  4. I guess at least half of them had no intention of listening. Apparently I had to "win them over and play with them".
    About 6 just doing exactly as they pleased ,grabbing puppets and running around,waving sticks whatever took their fancy!
  5. hmmm, yes. Like going into a pack of wolves and expecting to be accepted as the alpha straight off?
    I think going into a pack of wolves could be less scarey than a bunch of feral kids!

  6. They weren't so much feral as disinterested,rude and unpleasant.Quite a depressing experience.
  7. Ah the joys of teaching little princes and princesses who get away with murder at home and can do no wrong. Always having their demands met at every minute of the day, no matter what.

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