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Year One - Behaviour workshop ideas please!!

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by bluetopaz1, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Hi I am writing as I have a very challenging year 1 class and things have got so bad we have been allowed have a day off timetable to just focus on improving behaviour, social skills and the class community!! So I am very open to any ideas that may help.

    A bit of background....I job share with another teacher and we are both working together on this. They are a lovely class and very fond of their teachers and TA. There are 31 in the class and there are a lot of strong characters. School behaviour management strategies have been used very consistently and fairly with all children and they are constantly reminded of rules and positive and encouraging attitudes are always used! They are very very chatty and noise levels can get extremely high that I cannot hear myself speak. I have quite a few children who don't seem to have naturally quiet voices and they all just shout over one another. Learning is constantly disrupted. Mainly by about 5 boys who can become very aggressive with each other. They are always arguing and bickering and often kick, and punch one another. Recently lots of swear words have been circling the classroom. The head has been involved with this more serious behaviour and interventions have also been in place. But some of the worst problems are low level disruption. Children not listening and talking over me, calling out, tale telling, constantly asking for support with tasks they need to try and be independent with. It is constant and relentless!!! It is getting in the way of teaching and learning and time for something to change!!!

    If you have any ideas for team building activities suitable for a bubbly year one class they will be much appreciated! I want to make the day as productive as possible and for them to really come together as a class and not be constantly against each other!

    Thank you in advance!
  2. Tom_Bennett

    Tom_Bennett Occasional commenter

    I'm concerned- you say this is a lovely class but a lot of the behaviour you describe does;t sound lovely at all, and if they don't learn to amend it they'll adopt patterns of behaviour that will ruin their life chances.

    I wish you every luck with the social skills day. But I would heartily recommend that for the worst offenders an escalating tariff of sanctions are applied; being positive will only get you so far with some children, who will mistake your kindness for weakness and simply fail to improve. They need to feel that being good in lessons isn't simply an optional extra, but an essential, and I'm afraid that inevitably means getting them in trouble more.

    The danger with doing a behaviour day- and it can do a lot of good- is that very young children don't rationalise their behaviour: they simply behave as they please. So reasoning it out with them has little impact. They need to feel what right and wrong is, and for some, that means avoiding sanctions, not just seeking reward.

    Good luck


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