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Year Group Leader - Y4

Discussion in 'Primary' started by BenHulme, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. I have been appointed Year 4 Leader in a 3 form entry school. It is the first time I have been a Year Group Leader.
    I have a meeting with my new colleagues coing up - one of whom is new to the school, like me, and another who has been covering maternity.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for the agenda for our first meeting?

  2. Discuss what you hope to achieve next year and what you all feel your strengths are? Could you also decide on a planning format and discuss who would like to plan which aspects of the curriculum? It also sounds like it might be worth meeting with the current Y4 teachers and ask them what has gone well, what they would alter etc.
  3. poet

    poet New commenter

    Definitely share your skills and strengths. Discuss any opportunities for development you'd like to be part of - what could you share with each other. Always great to get into the practice of learning from each other so set up some opps to do this.
    Make it very clear what your expectations are - what time will meetings be? How do you work as YGL? will you minute meetings and give each member a record so they know what's been agreed? Set an agenda for the year (depending on your responsibilities for the school but as YGL myself I do book looks, learning walks, etc.) Ensure everyone is clear on whole school expectations for marking and planning - discuss how you'll share this out.
    Share the data you have for your year group - look at your classes and their progress last year. What spread have you got? Who are your vulnerable groups?
    Hope that's helpful!

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