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Year Group Assessment

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by moscowbore, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. moscowbore

    moscowbore Senior commenter

    Hi jonathandix,
    SIMS has its own assessment manager/tracker system. I dont know how much it costs but SIMS is designed to have timetables.reports,assessments all integrated.
    On the other hand you could just create a spreadsheet from SIMS data for each class and record your assessments in the spreadsheets. A little bit of conditional formatting will give colour coded attention to students of concern.
    How do you track year 10 and 11? Do you have a set of tests which you give at the end of each half term? Do all departments do their assessments at different times? Do they do regular assessment at all? I would be more interested in these questions at this point.
    How do you compare student performance to FFT predicted results? If FFT predict an "A" for a student who gets a "C" in an assessment do you intend to intervene? I found this very difficult to do with any meaning. My last UK manager was more interested in spreadsheets that showed progress towards FFT predictions. Actually, she was only ever interested in the spreadsheets.

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