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Year 9s

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by kstring24, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    Since January I've been teaching Yr9 after they were placed back into KS3, they're not an easy year group and although they are far better than they were last year, there are still major problems with low level disruptive behaviour, lack of motivation and very negative attitudes towards learning. Academically, many are working at the same level as my Yr8s, and I even have some Yr7s who have higher levels! I teach lessons with the Yr9s and wonder how my teaching suddenly became so rubbish, but will teach the same lesson with my Yr8s and it goes wonderfully.

    I've only got one half term with this year group as they will be placed in drama for the last HT (we swap so they get the full breadth of the curriculum), so I'm looking for a scheme of work that will engage them and hopefully motivate as many as possible to take the GCSE. I did Dance Music which was fairly successful and an African Music topic which they complained about incessantly because African music was '****' (I did insist on a lesson about African music to help the misconceptions, but I ended up changing it to a rhythm based SoW where they learned about features of African Music but through stuff that interested them).

    I'm thinking of an R&B/Beat Boxing scheme, but this would require performing and despite my best efforts they will not do anything that could potentially embarrass them. Don't get me wrong, about 40% of the year group will happily give it a go, but the vast majority tend to look at me as if I've asked them to eat mud. Sometimes I will scaffold like crazy, but many still either 'don't understand' or just won't try. The only time I've really got them performing for me is when I did a lesson the Cup Song and even when I tried to extend it the lesson after they complained about it being boring/pointless and didn't attempt the task I'd given them.

    Learning about music through computers seems to be the best bet, but we did that in the Dance Music topic and I don't want to prevent them from using instruments in fear of disengaging them further. However, their behaviour is still a problem and some classes can't even have MWBs and pens on their desk without attempting to break something, as a result I'm not 100% comfortable with even letting them use instruments.

    I'm posting this on the music forum too as any ideas for SoW would be appreciated, but has anyone got any advice for tackling this problem? I'm relentlessly positive with them, they will receive postcards home and rewards where necessary. I also issue detentions, phone home and they are sat in a seating plan (which is a whole OTHER problem, I've often wasted time moving students back who decide that the seating plan is 'unfair'. Anyone who chooses to move is now placed in a detention). The year group are a problem all the way round school so I'm not taking this too personally, and many interventions and strategies are being trialed. I would just like to have a week where I'm not dreading teaching them!

    Thank you.
  2. skirky

    skirky New commenter

    You have mail! Hope it helps and good luck!

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