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Year 9 Textiles

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by mmm...Milk, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. mmm...Milk

    mmm...Milk New commenter

    Bags are a really good one to do as you can vary the amount of time they take and still end up with a good result. I have see ones where you provide pre cut squares of fabric which they then add how ever many decorative techniques - applique / stensil / tie dye / batique / what ever you have. This can then be sewn together and use or a wide tape as a handle or they can use more fabric. This is an excellent recycling one as they can use old bags or t-shirts / trousers - i have even see a laminate stitch ones using sweet wrappers sealed in laminate. This can be expanded where they design thier own shapped bags and do patterns.
    Bags give a really good finnish and very open to many different themevs. I think there is quite a bit of stuff on HELEN HUSPITH resources site. All i have is paper based from schools, so I haven't got an electronic copy to send, but I can look
    Hope this helps. Other ideas I have seen includes cushions, fleece hats and shorts.

  2. Hi Terri, I know this is really cheeky but would you be happy to share your SOW for the IPod/Mobile phone case project? I teach textiles at KS3 but it is not really my comfort zone and I would be extremely appreciative of any help. Many Thanks.
  3. Hi Terri,
    We make fleece hats in year 9, I could send you a copy of the booklet we use if you are interested.
  4. Yeah bags may be a good idea, I wilsl look into in further thanks,
    I love the Helen Hudspith websight its brilliant,.

  5. Yeah I am actually just updating over half term so when it is finished I will send it over to you.
    It is a great project for year 7 and brilliant if you lack experience, thinks that why I teach it as all the skills are very basic and the students like the project as they all want to use it afterwards.
    If you send me your e-mail address I shall e-mail you it when its compleated.

  6. finamar

    finamar New commenter

  7. me too please
  8. Hi Terri,
    Thanks for your kind offer of the sow for the Ipod/mobile phone case. My email address is tillymint2@live.co.uk. Let me know if you would like a copy of the Yr 9 booklet for fleece hats.
  9. I designed a SOW on Bugs with a booklet to go with it. The year 9s love it - it incourages independant learning. I got some scrap fleece and fill them with dried lentils - like beenie babies!
    I can send if you want.
  10. hi Terri
    for my year 9s i did a print and make project based on textile printing and making a mobile phone case wiht the sample fabric. the project covers - sampling the main methods of printing; creat a moodboard on a chosen theme; design shape for printing; print the sample fabric; make a pattern for a mobile phone case; cut and sew the case. The case is lined and has fastenings e.g. buttons, ties, velcro .
    this project is plan for 8/9 weeks period. the students loved it with many using thier case or giving it to a member of thier family. I had a few students who sold their case.
    hope this is helpful to you
  11. Hi Mary,
    Your project on Bugs sounds interesting, could I be cheeky and ask you to send me a copy if you don't mind. I'm always grateful for new ideas as a non specialist teacher of textiles. tillymint2@live.co.uk
  12. Hi Terri,

    lol I teach patchwork and quilting I use a reversable bag pattern to introduce students to the basics and from this they can go on to make more in any size or try a quilt top. The bags can be done in about 6 hours less if your a dab hand at the sewing machine. I'd give the kids say 8 hours, you start with choice of fabics and what they want the bag to hold. And from this one project you can get them making laptop cases . Cussion covers, table runners, or a few things there grandmas would be proud of.

    I can give you all the info you need to get started lol pitty all of you with idea problems couldn't make it to Peterhead for a class.

    You can also add embelishments eg fancy buttons or Aplique pieces to make it realy fun.

    Email me on my peronal account if you want a hand


    best of luck to you all
  13. Hi,

    Sorry about how long this has taken me to reply,

    But I would love the Sow if this is still possible, its terri.fairlie@oasisimmingham.org

  14. That sounds like a really fun project!
    would you send me it?


  15. Hi I would love a copy of your 'bugs' booklet if you wouldn't mind- I currently have no textiles in the technology department I've recently taken over and desperately want to get the 'men' of my dept involved in some fun things. If anyone has anything else they think would help I would be eternally grateful!
    Muchos thanks fellow dt speacialists!

  16. This is even cheekier, I hope to do this project of an i pod case for my summer school pupils and I was wondering if you have received any info from Terri.
    Kind regards
  17. Hi I am interested in integrating this into my year 8 project. Can you tell me what material you make the case out of? And whether you'd be interested in sending me some examples of your booklet work or photos of finished products- I haven't much experience with textiles!

  18. ScrubulousPip

    ScrubulousPip New commenter

    Hello Terri
    Have you considered felt making? You could make any number of items, large or small, from felt pictures to bags to jewellery, and the projects could be as short or as long as you'd like to make them. I work in a special secondary, and I've made little felt bowls that will sit in the palm of your hand in one double lesson with year 11 boys; felt corsages that the pupils later stitched together and embellished with beads, which took around two double lessons; a bag, hat or even slippers could be a much longer project. Brilliant results are really easy to achieve, for all ability levels, and without specialist equipment of any sort. You'll need merino tops (wool fibres, available online), bubble wrap, soap flakes, hot water and elbow grease!

    I attended an excellent course recently which covered many aspects of feltmaking, conducted by Barbara Meek - see www.feltworld.co.uk for details.
  19. ScrubulousPip

    ScrubulousPip New commenter

    Sorry....try http://www.feltworld.co.uk/

    Not sure how to insert links on here! Hope that worked.........

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