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year 9 sow for spreadsheets

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Silent85, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Silent85

    Silent85 New commenter

    Does anyone have a good tried and tested year 9 spreadsheet sow/unit?

    I can see ones for year 8 but they are year 9's closer to year 10 level.
  2. cj3


    I used to do the theatre ticketiing system with my year 9 - but ramped it up a bit - they always liked it and you can do as much with the spreadshet bit as you like. ~There is also a spreadsheet unit published by Classmates books - which is good - alternatively - use a project from a GCSE textbook - we always liked the mobile phone tariff calculator in the Payne Gallway GCSE ICT book (I think).
  3. In the dim and distant past when I was a teacher we used to tie in the Control Unit - the Log flume - with a spreadsheet based on a whole Theme Park such as LightWater Valley. Actually we used to do fair bit on most aspects of the NC based around a theme park.
    There's a wide choice of spreadsheet/modelling activities kids can do based on ticketing/pricing/discounts/total and projected income - plus the kids can do a lot of on line research about prices/visitor numbers as well as being motivated by the topic. Lots of opportunities for "What-if" scenarios , conditional formatting, lookup tables - well I could go on but clever kids can really develop here and less able kids can still cope with the basics.

    BTW - I never really used a textbook for these activities as I always thought it restricted the kid's imagination and ambition. (Just my personal view)

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