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Year 9 SATs/Optional Tests

Discussion in 'Science' started by markuss, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    What a question! There have never been any KS3 SATs.
    Do you mean KS3 NCTs (national curriculum tests)?
    Ah yes, we used to have those. The results were given out in marks and levels. Sublevels are in anybody's imagination - never real.
  2. Thanks but I was looking for the sub level thresholds!
  3. I have the level boundaries , if I gave them to you would you be able to kindly convert these into sub levels?
  4. Orion

    Orion New commenter

    Just create a vlookup table in excel and if you need thirds for abc do it that way. Simple.

  5. That would be great! Here's the levels if you could do that for me into sublevels it would be appreciated! [​IMG]

    2003 SATs
    Level 5 - 7 Level Thresholds
    • Level 5 = 42 - 72
    • Level 6 = 73 - 104
    • Level 7 = 105 - 150
  6. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    You mean you aren't a computer wizard?
    I'm not but I can divide by 3 and make a simple lookup table.
  7. If you can help then that's great. If you can't then find somewhere else to go boast about your talents! I don't have time for sarcasm.
  8. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    Why by 3? If there are 33 marks in an NCT level 5, why not divide by 33?
    If you're going to sub-level, why not do it properly?
    One sub-level per mark would be my scheme (if I believed in sub-levels!)
  9. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    As someone has said there is no such thing as sub levels. You just do what everyone else does and look at the mark spread between each level and divide it into three parts. eg if the mark threshold for a L4 is 50 and the threshold for L5 is 57 then the spread for L4 is 50 to 56 or a spread of 7. If I were being pressed I would say 50/51 4c 52/53 4b 54/56 4c

    You have to work it out for yourself but always bias it in your favour to get the greatest number of 'a' sublevels.
  10. Everybody keeps telling me that there is no such thing as sub levels - I know this but I would like sublevels for this test hence the thread!
    So if anybody can, I would like to see how you would create sublevels with this given data so that next time I can create them . This is my first time doing this sort of things so if anyone can ACTUALLY create the sublevels in whatever method you like please do!
    Please could you convert these in to sublevels, Thankyou!
    [*]Level 5 = 42 - 72 5c= 5b= 5a=[*]Level 6 = 73 - 104 6c= 6b= 6a=[*]Level 7 = 105 - 150 7c= 7b= 7a=

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