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Year 9 project ideas

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by dmunroe21, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. dmunroe21

    dmunroe21 New commenter

    Hi all,

    I have a bright top set year 9 class and I would like to do some kind of functional maths project with them over 2 or 3 lessons. Can anyone help? Can be on any topic at all!
  2. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    Have you looked at the old GCSE maths coursework investigations? There might be some ideas you could use there.
  3. Elfrune

    Elfrune New commenter

    My fall back is to get the football league attendances (average) from the Premiership, Serie A, La Liga etc - maybe even baseball and basketball attendances from the US. Football365 is my fall back website, but I would think there are loads more with stats on them. Get them to put into a grouped frequency table (intervals of 20000 attendance up to 80000?) and draw a cumulative frequency curve. On to the box plot and then comparing box plots IQR and medians. I always start with the hypothesis that Spanish Football is far better supported than English football and tend to conclude otherwise. Just an idea, but makes for an interesting project, particularly if they get some data themselves that they can have ownership of together with them creating their own hypothesis once you model the investigation. Just a thought - I enjoy teaching it and students tend to do a lot of maths in the process. With the world cup in this country you could also look at attendances from the Big Bash, IPL, English t20 games etc - not sure where to get attendance figures from but I bet a bit of a delve in to Google may help? Womens football may also have some interesting stats re attendances if you search enough? Helps if there are an even number of clubs for obtaining medians etc - and enough clubs in the league to warrant grouping in the first place - Scottish Premiership might be pushing it a bit to group, but English Championship works well.

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