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Year 9 options process - Help!! any ideas???!!!!

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by clarence zigfield, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. After asking for a new challenge (that'll teach me!) Ive been given the job of running the options process alongside the Deputy. The Head knows Im looking for a new job to move up to deputy level and so need to seriously impress!!!
    I will be:
    collating info for students
    organising booklet for parents
    giving talk at evening (alongside Deputy!)
    dealing with the fall out!

    Any advice on how to make an impact welcome!! pretty please!


  2. 1. Move it as far away from year 9 parents evening as you can, so tutors so not try the hard sell 'you should be doing....

    2. For the evening have one stand per subject with the HoD and students from KS4 showing work etc

    3. Give out the booklet a week before the options evening. Fill it with caveats otherwise parents will hold you to account

    4. Keep the evening simple. For current year 9's they must stay in education or training until they are 18 so options should be about building a platform rather than an end product. Keep it broad and forget about the EBACC because its a load of old tosh

    5. We've asked students to pick subjects rather than courses. For example if 20 students pick art who are not GCSE level then it is the HoDs responsibility to put on the appropriate course

    Loads more advice if you want to message me

  3. Make it clear wht the mandatory & optional courses are.
    Depending on timetable constraints, you may have subjects that can't be taken together. Make this obvious in your documentation and be prepared to defend the rationale of why these subjects can't both be taken.
    You may want to include information about where certain courses can lead in terms of A level or FE choices - so, for example, pupils wanting to be lawyers (say) should consider History over Art. This may be a step too far for the document, but parents may ask questions about the best combination of subjects for specific careers.
    Ensure the school has a decent strategy for the EBacc - either accepting / embracing it or rejecting it on the 'tosh' grounds. Whichever you decide to do, be prepared to defend it with well informed & well structured arguments.
  4. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    I'd add that you need to work with form tutors through the whole process as they know the students better, will be ensuring that the paperwork gets done on time and will be giving students advice. Be warned that this can lead to some students being put on inappropriate courses - one of my current pupils wanted to go into engineering but his form tutor advised him to take GCSE engineering and DT: resistant materials at the expense of doing only BTEC science! Luckily this was picked up and he was able to switch courses

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