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Year 9 lesson engagement

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by cc2lwa, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. cc2lwa

    cc2lwa New commenter

    I have been given quite a few year 9 lessons to teach on a regular basis. I love teaching the subject although it's not my specialism. I am long term supply at this school, behaviour is not great.
    Can anyone suggest ways to get pupil engagement - going down the route of starter, lesson, plenary, video's, worksheets and short group activity has not worked. I am at my wits end.
    Thankyou in advance.
  2. barbaramcn

    barbaramcn New commenter

  3. barbaramcn

    barbaramcn New commenter

    I'm not a teacher and not sure if you're working from a syllabus but If you can choose, I would separate class into small groups, give them time decide who to take up the role of writer and group speaker and large paper/pens.
    Time to discuss with their group, report back to the whole class and then evaluation as a whole class.
    I would encourage them to 'think' and express their opinions on present issues, explaining the reasoning (after giving them time to make notes of their points individually or in pairs). This could be done as a debate - separating the class in two or three. One of your discussions could be about 'behaviour' - their own expectations (to gain insight into their thoughts/barriers and alternative ways of approach).
    Make the most of the 'leaders' in the class by utilising leadership in a positive way. I.e. The 'loud' person to write answers on the smart board. The 'distracting' - to give out/collect materials. Make a point of speaking to each individual. Acknowledge all - positive relationships I think are key to promote education.
    I would focus on building relationships not just whilst your teaching but make it THE LESSON.
    I've heard so many times how supply teachers find it hard to maintain good behaviour in the classroom. I think this is for two reasons; pupils think the supply doesn't have enough authority to sanction (or won't be around long enough) and 'push the boundaries' to test the strength of character and manipulate a situation to their advantage.
    Hope this is of some help. Good luck.

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