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Year 9 KS3/KS4 Spanish film

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by ruthowen, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. I would like to use a film to engage my year 9 pupils at the beginning of next year and to revise personal details etc. Does anyone have any suggestions for a suitable Spanish Speaking Film and (even better) one for which there are some teaching resources available.
    Many thanks
  2. latortuga

    latortuga New commenter

    The only Spanish language film I've found which has worked well with most groups is Innocent Voices - about children in the El Salvador civil war. It tells the story from the view of an 11 year old boy. Kids generally become engaged by it - it's a 12 classification. I've used it when teaching about cinema - and I've got them to describe the characters and to write simple reviews on it in Spanish.
    Films I've tried before and which weren't well received (just in case you were thinking of them) are Mar Adentro and Secretos del corazon. Both good films - but just didn't appeal to the year 9s I tried them with.

    Hope that helps!
  3. Hi,
    "la lengua de las mariposas" is a good film and kids can relate as it is set in a small village school during Franco's time. A teacher with a different approach, the relationship he builds with kids and who his ways are challenged.
    Students tend to like it and make comparisons between systems (though things have greatly changed).

  4. a_rooti

    a_rooti New commenter

    I've found the Channel 4 series Extra really engaging. It's not a film, but like the Friends series. There's lots of repetition and with vocabulary aides, etc, the language is very accessible for year 9/10 students. Lots of resources available too.

  5. rosaespanola

    rosaespanola New commenter

    Di que si (Say I do) and Incautos (Swindled) were both very popular with my Y9s and were both less than a fiver on Amazon. The first is a rom-com (with enough action & comedy to keep the lads interested!) about a mismatched couple who meet when they accidentally end up on a TV dating show, and the other is a twisty, turny tale of a group of con artists who are trying to pull off a con but it turns out that one of them is trying to swindle the rest. I've used both of these films when writing descriptions of people - the first is particularly excellent for using the past & present, I get kids to either do a spoken interview or write an article from the point of view of one of the main characters, describing their first impressions of the other and what they think of them now. The pupils get really into it, I'm actually considering basing one of their assessed pieces of work on this in the future as last year's group did a really good job of their descriptions.
  6. cas123

    cas123 New commenter

    I love this film (La lengua de las Marisposas) too and showed it to my year 9s BUT a real word of warning there are couple of very dodgy scenes in it which I had completely forgotten about!! I really don't think it's suitable for year 9 although it is a great film!
  7. latortuga

    latortuga New commenter

    La Lengua de las Mariposas is a great film, BUT it's a 15 classification so can only really be shown to year 11s. That's the main issue with Spanish films - the great ones are 15 rated.
  8. Thank you so much for all your great ideas

  9. pan's labyrinthe - a couple of monsters, a strict step father, pregnant mother and a bunch of others to describe
  10. mkid

    mkid New commenter

    Pan's Labyrinth is a 15 classification so it's not suitable for Y9.
    Y11 enjoyed it.
  11. Di qué si and Incautos are also listed as '15'. Do any Spanish films exist that are rated 12 or below?
  12. I don't know if this might be any help (and I don't even know if it works very well) but from this page at amazon you can browse by choosing the certificate at the top and the language further down.

    I think you might have to search several times to catch all the certificates, U, PG, 12 etc but it's worth a try

  13. HI

    "Nueve Reinas" from Argentina is a great film, it's a 12 and eminently suitable for Y9 - also very gripping plot. Some excellent character descriptions possible. Get the subtitled version so they can understand all the ins and outs of the plot.
  14. Actually I take that back. So sorry... it's a 15... (having a bad day). I don't remember any dodgy scenes just the great plot, but I'll have to watch it again. It must have that classification for a reason! Apologies for the confusion.
  15. following your suggestions we have been watching voces inocentes with my current year 9. It is a 12 and very engaging particularly for the boys in my class. Am planning to start next years year 9 with Valentin which is a much gentler rom-com. (also a 12). Really appreciate your help.
  16. rosaespanola

    rosaespanola New commenter

    Very few, from my searches on Amazon! I got my Y9s to get a parent's signature in their planner to say it was OK for them to watch these two films. I really don't understand why they're both a 15 certificate, Di que si in particular has absolutely nothing in it that I'd expect to make it anything more than a 12, and Incautos has a bit of swearing but it's not very frequent and certainly nothing worse than the kids hear every day all over school! Annoyingly, the subtitles use much stronger English words that the original Spanish words - this seems to happen a lot with subtitled films,it really makes me cross!
  17. i like this two films, diarios de una motocicleta, it is about the life of the che guevara and maria llena eres de gracia, that is about a colombian girl that smuggled drugs into USA.
  18. "Women on the edge of a nervous breakdown" by Almodovar won umpteen Goyas and is billed as "a very funny urban comedy which overflows with the unexpected". It's PG 12, I bought it off Amazon but haven't had time to review it yet as i'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown trying to get to the end of term!!
  19. I showed "Women on the edge of a nervous breakdown" to some year 10's last year. It is quirky and a little strange in places, bit too clever for my year 9's I think! Although it's a 12 there is at least one dodgy scene.

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