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Year 9 English Schemes of work

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by janeferny, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. janeferny

    janeferny New commenter

    Hi can anyone share with me any FREE Year 8 or Year 9 schemes of work which map out the whole year in terms of English and English Literature? I am tutoring a home-schooled boy and trying to develop a good plan for the year. Many thanks.
  2. janeferny

    janeferny New commenter

    Also, detailed SOWs for terms welcome!
  3. Cat0115

    Cat0115 New commenter

    If you are an English teacher then use an adapted one from work. If you are not a specialist then you might find the new specs very demanding in my view. My advice is to decide on the GCSE exam board then work backwards. AQA (and other exam boards are available!) have plenty of free guidance. The SOW or plan needs to be made with the needs and abities of the child in mind. Will they return to school? If so, find out which board they follow and ask for their SOW.
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