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Year 9 drama lesson ideas

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by valleybroad, May 23, 2013.

  1. valleybroad

    valleybroad New commenter

    I?m currently doing a PGCE(i) and have been given a year 9 class to teach ?the language of drama? for my lesson sequence that Ineed o do for the course. The class is quite a tough one ? they have a hard time staying on task, working together and taking things seriously (even with the experienced drama teacher, let alone a novice like me who they can spot a mile away!) so my mentor has suggested using a monologue as the vehicle to teach them, so they can work individually in the hope that they?ll focus better. Any suggestions, alternative ideas or pointers to monologues that might work?

  2. It depends what aspect you are looking into with the "language of drama", perhaps you could use some aspects of italian Commedia dell'Art in which grammelot, a gibberish language, is used with strong physicality. We find working practically and quite physically (getting the students out of breath) gets attention focussed very quickly and the nature of Commedia really helps as it requires a lot of physical focus. Students then get to have a lot of fun creating their own grammelot and then communicating what they want to say through their body. This would work on the physical aspect of drama. Any further questions, please let us know!

  3. valleybroad

    valleybroad New commenter

    Great ideas, thanks Edward!

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