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Year 9 Dragons Den Project

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by dons1, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. I need to plan a 6 week Dragons Den Project for year 9 starting September. The main emphasis will be on designing, ideas and communication rather than a finished quality product (although students will be encouraged to make prototypes). The product must be innovative and ideally, relate to sport (as I work in a sports specialist school). Any ideas?
  2. If for a sports link you count active play have a look at my PLAYPUMP project in the resources. I got the original idea from Practical Action wher it showed kids working a roundabout to pump water into their village for everyone to access instead of walking 2 miles and carrying it . There are other elements of interest. the idea is for the kids to design and formulate a model to convey how other play apparatus could be made by the same company who make this product to enlarge their range. We had some great ideas. We did it as an enrichment day project and models were made out of throw away materials. There are two or three sections to the resources as it was a long time ago I put it on but I think it is called 'Pumping water is childs play'.
    There are new videos on Practical action of other pumps now as well.
    PS It makes an excellent science/DT cross curricular project.

  3. dookiedaveuk

    dookiedaveuk New commenter

    I do a project in Y8 called the Electronic Handheld Product Project

    Kids write their own design brief, highlighting a target market group, analysis of needs, product needs etc... They then learn 3D drawing techniques, thick and thin, 3 tone shading. They then design their product ideas and ideas for accessories. They then draw their best ideas using google sketchup, and annotate their artwork.
    The next stage is groupwork, where they introduce their ideas to each other, and then work in four/five's on preparing a presentation for the rest of the group on their group work/product. (the Dragons Den bit). All groups prepare a powerpoint, advertising, 3D drawing/sketchup, and presentation script, logo for company

    Hope that helps

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