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Year 9 Dance Lesson Ideas

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by bplanky, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. Hi Fiona,

    I got to that point too so end of last term i did a few tap classes off the cuff with them and they were hooked. We did basic stuff such as straight taps, stamps and scuffs, basic rhythms and then i got them doing pick ups. Each class asked to do it this term as well.

    Was actually lovely walking through the school and them showing me their 'skills'

    i would never have dreamt of teaching tap at secondary... but they really did enjoy it.

  2. I have that problem as well. I went on the specialist schools and academies website and found a good scheme of work that I am teaching this half term on snowboarding in dance.

    So far this year I have covered:

    Sport - Movements to represent different sports
    Contemporary dance based on the poem Dulce et decorum est
    Performance workshop - This was a scheme where students were given a choice of 4 assessment tasks and they had to choose one, the exam paper (similar to the type that would be given to AS dance candidates)

    The final half term I will do an introduction to BTEC Dance as this is the qualification we offer at KS4, I will cover 3 units and spend 2 weeks on each unit and just give them a flavour of the units.

    If you would like copies of my schemes or to discuss anything further then please message me at drewhenshaw@hotmail.com and I can discuss my schemes further

    If you want to try a different dance styles, look at a company called Essentially Dance they cover Ballroom and Latin Dance and the kids get really engaged.

    Hope this helps
  3. Have done things successfully with Yr 9 in the style of Stomp! (Not using large props like brooms tho!). Used smaller props and focused on use of body percussion.
    Mission Impossible theme?
    Even managed to teach the end number from 'Dirty Dancing' in mixed pairs, with one of my groups! (omitted the very beginning bit, and the lifts, of course.)
  4. I had the same problem and I used the STOMP idea. Started off creating rhytms out of body and stamping (I showed them a clip from you've got served to make it 'cool'). Then we added in chairs. Was very noisy but the kids loved having an excuse to bang and slide chairs. Also the clip on youtube of Stomp based around chairs was very clear with canon and rhythms etc.
    Hope you found something :)


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