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Year 9 Art Interview

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by Polkadotspot, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Good luck! I'm sure you'll think of something spectacular!
  2. I've gone with, looking at Hockney, but put a spin on it. Students will use different shaped view finders to draw sections of their shoe. As they draw each section and move the view finders along their shoe it creates a fragmented and distored image. Taking reference from picasso and Hockney's later work where he painted in sections and put them together.
    The skills they will learn, will be focusing upon the relationship between shape and space when using the viewfinder, i.e (positive and negative space) and developing observational and dexterity skills.
    Spectacular? lol I will let you know if it is a total flop!

  3. joli2

    joli2 New commenter

    If you don't know the kids, I'd be wary of asking them to take a shoe off to draw. You might unleash all sorts of comments that disrupt the start of your lesson.
    Maybe the school have a collection of objects you can use then just supplement them with some of your own.
  4. What about creating a group task for each table using a design brief or photographs so team work is included.Maybe each table/team could make a part of a whole object (mythical creature ,monster , a tropical fish or a birds eye view of their neighbourhood...etc) They can create a big art work that could be made out of joined together smaller bits from their tables. Something where quick processes will help maybe collage out of magazines or coloured papers combined with drawing and using big marker pens mixed media.
    I would try to stand out from the other candidates with a creative response if the alternative was playing it too safe.
  5. Thanks for all your suggestions, after dragging in 15 pairs of shoes to draw, the students freely asked if they could do their own!! (arghh lol)
    Had the interview went really well, had positive feedback and the teacher asked for my resources and kept the students work. all in the interest of sharing! Have no clue if I've got it as I've had other interviews where they've been really impressed and came that close 'second'?!!
    Will hear back tommorrow eve. Fingers Crossed

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