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Year 7 starting assessment

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by madjessy, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Hi all
    My laptop corrupted a few weeks ago and I have lost a lot of resources but I was going to change many of them anyway. I have changed my dept's system of getting levels for y7 from using an English assessment. As we teach once a fortnight I need a quick way of assessing all of y7 so that it is consistent accross the dept. I have used a picture stimulus in the past and got them to devise the before and after but the methods of writing up the assessment were long and often hard to moderate.

    Has anyone got any example year 7 assessments they can show me?

  2. I did look at this yesterday actually. Wondered if the assessment is done in the first lesson? It has to be a snap judgement rather than built up over several.

  3. I would advise against anyone in any subject doing an assessment in lesson 1, even more so in Drama.
    No, the scheme I pointed you towards is, as its name implies, a six week scheme which teaches them skills and then assesses them whilst at the same time they set targets for themselves and each other.
  4. Hi
    I do one lesson usually the first lesson to see where my students are, some have had a range of drama experiences, others have had none. I personally look for the creativity they exhibit, the confidence, their group work skills (they rarely know anyone else). I bring a box of props, we discuss what they could mean to start off with, things such as a medal, a tea cup and saucer, a ring, a burnt card, a photograph with a face cut out, wrapping paper. We then do random groupings, set amount of time to create a short scene based on the object. I see who uses it in a creative way and who uses it in a mroe literal way and then look at how they act, do they even pretend or are them themselves.
    Whilst I am sure many disagree it works for our students, I record the whole lesson, put ticks in different boxes as a record and essentially level them on their performance and group work and creativity.
  5. Hey,

    A non leveled assessment of students is important and really useful. I too am trying to come up with something to try and assess skills of students in Rehearsing/Making, Performing and Responding.

    Andy Kempe in his book 'Progression in Secondary Drama' does have an example of the kind of thing you can put together. These page can be seen in google books if you don't have it. Or, I've taken a shot of it using ActivInspire if you want that emailed to you. Personally, I find it a bit complex and am going to write my own version, but it's a good thing to look at.


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