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Year 7 Maths Lessons - computer suite

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by DixieMcLean, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. DixieMcLean

    DixieMcLean New commenter

    In our school this year, year 7 students have 1 hour per fortnight in a computer suite with a different maths teacher from their other lessons (timetabling issues...). So essentially a “one off” computer room lesson.

    So far we’ve used Diagnostic Questions in these lessons, but I don’t think this is the best use of students’ time.

    Any ideas about what else we could be doing? Either as a project over a number of weeks. I suppose I’m looking for things which are “ready to go”, and free or very low cost of course!
  2. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    Desmos or Geogebra - both free to use - and can introduce ideas on graphs or geometry
  3. sarahtaylor999

    sarahtaylor999 New commenter

  4. sarahtaylor999

    sarahtaylor999 New commenter

    Doing some work on spread sheets.

    Getting them to create a nice looking times table grid using formulas and lots of formatting.

    Number patterns- generating patterns/ working out what formulas then need

    Producing some graphs on excel taking surveys then making some pie charts etc

    Use the large data set and get them learning how to find mean/median/mode on there

    Transum equation generator solving equations doing lots on their own then scroll down and there is self marking exercises.

    mymaths or mathswatch (you need to buy these)

    Can they get you tube? there are some great maths hacks (for want of a better word) !! for example squaring large numbers without a calculator, they could be given several different ones videos to watch, learn how do them and then present them.

    Make power point on a topic they have done over the week in lessons and produce worksheet and answers.

    If top sets then Parallel maths is brilliant (its free)

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