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Year 7 Introduction to History

Discussion in 'History' started by penyard52, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. historicallass

    historicallass New commenter

    Please could I get a copy of this. I have just been told that after 5 years of a combined humanities with a literacy focus, the top set of our y7s need to do discreet History so am in a planning whirlwind
  2. If you are not yet too fed up, could I have a copy? Or could you upload them to the TES teaching resources?
    Thank you very much in advance.
  3. Hi penyard and all the rest!

    Graet ideas!!! I will take them into account!

    In my school we do the introductory unit at Year 8 because in Year 7 students have "social studies" (history + geography) and the teacher in that year does not work historical skills that much.

    What I do is plan a unit called "How do we study history?". This is a requirement in our local curriculum (I am from Argentina). Students read a little of theory on the steps historians take to study history and then they plan their own mini research based on their families. They ask themselves one question such as: How did my parents meet? Why do I live in...? Why did my grandparents come to live to Argentina? and so forth.

    After that they ask mini questions such as: How old were they? Were they dating anybody else? Was it love at first sight?

    Then they explicit the possible sources (most of them interviews) and they 'analyse' them. It is not, of course, a source analysis we would expect in Year 10 but they have responded quite well!

    Finally, they write the conclusion and a report but they present their findings in an original creative way: powerpoint presentation, finger puppets, poster... One girl did a cube made of cardboard with all the story of her grandparents.

    The presentations took a lot of time because although they were asked to answer the big umbrella question (How do we study history?), most were eager to tell their families' stories.

    In the end, the result was very good. May be someone can help me adapt it for a shorter period of time! :)

  4. hi isabelm84,

    I have pm's you about your resources!

    thank you!! :)
  5. Hi,
    I'm in a similar position to the person who started this forum as we're bringing y7 out of an integrated curriculum and back to studying individual subjects in September. Could you email me the resources you mentioned ablove? My email is cmarsh@srwa.woodard.co.uk
    Thanks in advance
    Chris Marsh
  6. Hi! I have PM'd you about your murder mystery!
  7. sounds extremely useful could I have a look at the resources too...
  8. Do you have you King Arthur resources on here?
  9. Hi,
    I know that is quite a while since you posted about your Dr Who resource for year 7 but I would be very interested. I am returning to teaching after 'chlldcare' break and want to kick off with the Y7's in a stimulating way and this sounds just right.
    If you are willing to share your resources my email is gillierp@gmail.com
  10. Hi isabelm,

    Is it possible for you to email the SOW and resources, i would appreciate this. My email is g.o.edwards@hotmail.co.uk
    Thank you!
  11. tiddlypoohsmum

    tiddlypoohsmum New commenter

    On the subject of mysteries, I also use Mark Pullen which kids love but then also use Greendie online mystery from Exeter university,
    It really engages pupils who discuss it at break and theorise 'who dunnit'.
    Link above if you want to try it. There are a few resources on there I use.
  12. That's such a good idea! Do you still have the resources at all?
  13. Excellent stuff! So helpful, thank you!
  14. Hi, could I also get the resources I need that desperately. Thanks, fraydom2@yahoo.com Can't wait to see this.
  15. Hi Isabelm84,

    just read this post and its a fantastic idea -would it be possible to get a copy of the resources that you use for the unit? Could I give you anything in return?

    My e-mail is pboyle20@aol.com


  16. I'm also trying to revatlise my Year 7 SOW and your Dr Who theme looks great :) Would be really grateful if you would send me a copy of your resources if it's not too much trouble (davejar@hotmail.com). Thanks
  17. Hi!
    I'm an NQT and it's my first time covering "what is History?" and this sounds amazing! Sorry to be really cheeky but could I please have a copy of your resources? Or a link if you've uploaded them to TES.
    My email is nicolleduthie@hotmail.co.uk
  18. Could I also please have the resources too. I'm teaching Year7 History and in great need of interesting ideas regarding introduction to History. tindi.kamwetu@gmail.com
  19. Hi isabelm84,

    These lessons sound great! I know it's cheeky, but could you possibly send me your resources for them, or let me know where you gathered your information from?

    Many thanks,


  20. Hi, This sounds great. Would you please be able to pass me the SOW & resources? Much appreciated. me@mqasim.co.uk

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