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Year 7 - introduction to geography

Discussion in 'Geography' started by MRSCMW, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Good morning

    I wondered if anyone could help me, I need to plan a new topic from scratch. An introduction to geography, Anyone know where I might be able to find anything good. I would like it to cover a range of skills and cover a variety of geographical areas.

    Any help would be most grateful :)
  2. Hi.

    I do a 5 week unit called personal geographies (it's only 5 weeks because then year 7 get put into sets and change groups). I start with an introduction to Geography www.tes.co.uk/.../Introduction-to-Geography-Lesson-6090665

    Then we look at the school environment, and get them doing some simple field work www.tes.co.uk/.../School-site-fieldwork-on-environmental-quality-6091036. Next we do some map work on our local area and then some work on our perceptions of Britain and some map work to go with it. FInally we look at our favourite places and why they are important to us.

    Hope that gives you some ideas.
  3. In my school we start off looking at physical, human and environmental Geography and what we mean by these. We also look at different scales.

    Then we move onto do some mapping of places in the UK and the pupils perception of places.

    We finish off with some skills based work, such as grid referencing.
  4. Thankyou that has given me some really good ideas that I can develop on.

    I really appreciate your help!

    Many thanks

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