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Year 7 History club

Discussion in 'History' started by jessiejump, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Hi - I would like to set up a Year 7/8 Humanities lunch time club starting with History as a focus. I am an RE specialist. Has anyone got any ideas for activities - fun/ engaging for 30 mins one lunch time a week for keen Yr. 7s please? We are doing Medieval times and Battle of Hastings in class at present but would prefer to look at something else in the club. Quite a few students have asked for one but I need inspiring ideas! thanks very much in advance. J
  2. Hi,
    As your class topic is based round the medieval period including the Battle of Hastings why not start by getting them to make the armour and weapons used at that time.
    Children of that age love doing something practical and its very easy, specially if you get the art department on your side as a source of paint and agree that you will provide the children with lots of cardboard boxes, the bigger the better, as these are the raw materials needed to make swords and shields and mail and scale armour.Treasury tags can be used to join the backs and fronts of the armour together so the children can wear them. Garden canes make excellent spear and arrow shafts with thin card for the arrow flights and thicker card cut and painted dark grey for the points of the arrows and spears. You can use the same basic techniques for the armour of any period. (Some years ago now the theme on a Summer Play Scheme that I helped with was the Romans and we made fantastic sets of armour and weapons in this way).
    Best of luck.
  3. Thanks - great ideas and I never thought of that and I really like creative activities. Sounds like a plan to engage and get them interested at first. they could do some planning and internet research first about what they look like and how they were made. Thanks so much J
  4. WarMemorialsTrust

    WarMemorialsTrust New commenter

    Hi jessiejump,
    I have just sent you a PM regarding this butI will outline the ideas here - as we are coming up to Remembrance you could develop some work around a local war memorial, such as getting children to research names commemorated on it or help the local community look after it. I would be happy to help with further ideas on this topic if you decide to pursue it - my contact details are in the PM.

  5. Hi, the ideas suggested already are exactly what you need with keen year 7s. I ran a lunchtime history club and started off by making our own shields,swords, helmets and then reenacted the battle of Hastings on the school field. We recorded it and made into DVD for the kids. Rest of the school was invited to come and watch. Other ideas included pumpkin carving whilst learning about origins of Halloween, making Roman mosaics, family trees, making poppy wreaths, Tudor masks and Victorian toys. They all worked well. Hope that helps.

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