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Year 7 Drama observation

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by iheartpoetry, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. Hello all,
    I have an observed lesson with a year 7 Drama class on Monday and am feeling really nervous as this is my first serious observation as an NQT. Any advice at all on engaging a group of mixed ability kids, a lot of whom dislike Drama and ensuring they all enjoy and learn something would be hugely appreciated. It is a lesson on a Greek myth and in a small classroom!
    Thank you!
  2. Also, there is a student with ASD so I have a TA in the class.
  3. Figmo

    Figmo New commenter

    Keep it simple and keep them moving. Freeze frame tasks, 10 seconds to get into them, counting loudly down to one. When they are frozen, thought tracks from each student, tapping them on the shoulder.
    Body as a prop -they love it.
    Pair work generally goes down well with difficult groups.
    Plenty of tasks and not too much time to do them is key. Keep them moving! No time to misbehave.

  4. Know:
    What the students are supposed to learn
    How you / anyone can tell whether they have learned it

  5. Hi there,

    Before we talk drama - ;)

    You need to make sure you get the following tip top: in the current climate, new Ofsted framework, you will firstly need to learn how to spin plates!!! This is why...
    First of all, ensure you dont teach a standalone lesson just for observation purposes! You need to be able to evidence progress and refer to prior learning - in the grand scheme of things! What did they learn last lesson? How does this lesson tie into their progression in drama? Are you an NQT drama specialist?

    Secondly, if you have SEN students in your class, then make sure you differentiate for their progress, I.e. what is their specific SEN, what is their specific learning requirement? It may be that that they have a very low reading age, dyslexia, ADHD, in order to differentiate for this pupil, you need to anticipate what could possibly be a barrier to their learning. You mentioned that there is a TA in the lesson? Make sure you detail in your lesson plan what your TA will be required to do! Under the new Ofsted framework, it is essential that you detail what any other adult is expected to do in your class with said child! Also, ensure you give a copy of the lesson plan to your TA before your , so that they are aware of what is expected of them and their students -this should be done as standard!

    Finally, Greek Theatre? Year 7s? How many lessons have you taught so far on this topic?

    I personally wouldn't choose this topic/subject as a starter for yr 7, but hey ho, you're only doing what you have been asked to do! The drama toolkit is a good place to start, but if you have already delivered a number of lessons on Greek theatre? Please let me know where you're up to in terms of what u have already taught/want to teach!

    I can send you some lovely lessons on the basics of drama - a toolkit that comprises of the essentials of drama skills. I teach in Merseyside, a mixing pot of every kid u could imagine, and they have loved their drama lessons, however, if you would like a kick ass lesson on Greek theatre then I can provide this also!

    Let me know,

    P.s. sorry for the scary bombardment of info, but I didn't know whether u would be aware of this?

    Pps, even more apologies, have u included ALL focus groups in your lesson plan? I.e. FSM (free school meals, G&T, EAL, LAC?) you may work in a borough that doesn't ever encounter these - however, this is the sorry face of what you have to do these days to be a half decent teacher, before you get to actually plough your passion into teaching a lesson!

    Send me ur email or let me know what u need and I will send you some fab stuff!

    Sorry u asked now? ;) you'll b ok, ur amongst friends here!

    Don't b afraid to ask questions!


  6. Wow, thanks ever so much for your extremely detailed reply! You've given me so much to think about. I will send you more details in a DM now. Really appreciate the help!

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