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Year 7 class.

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Helen123abc, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. I have a year seven class that is very difficult. In this class a lot of the students are disruptive. One group of boys are always arguing and causing problems by throwing things and hitting each other. A group of girls never work always talking and using mobile phones. The ones that want to wok can't concentrate because the atmosphere is so bad. One of the girls in the class won't talk or work sometimes. I am realy worrying about this class. We are so far behind with everything I'm worried they won't get everything done that they need to get done.
    I have tried many things with this class. I have had them sitting with different people, I have confiscated mobile phones, I have sent disruptive students out, I have tried to give positve comments. Nothing engages them as a group and encourages them to work. I have had a TA in the class, she was with me for a month and then had to keave as a SEN student came to the school and she has to be with her in most of her lessons.
    What else can I do with them?
  2. I brought the situation up with the HOD, he called a meeting with myself, the HOY, and all the teachers that teach the whole form group together. They came up with the idea of putting the form on whole form report. This basically means that every teacher that has them has to fill in a behavioural form about them each lesson for two weeks. They haven't started it yet, it will be for after christmas. I'm not sure how this will modify their behaviour but we just have to try it and find out if it helps or if it gives us any information about behaviour patterns.

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