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Year 7/8 food tech observation lesson

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by helenkeeling, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. helenkeeling

    helenkeeling New commenter


    I need some help with a food tech observation for year 7 or 8s. I'm actually an Art teacher and have never taught food technology at a secondary level so I'm struggling for ideas. Another problem is the school is brand new and doesn't have a kitchen yet so we can't actually do any cooking! No joke! I've planned a non-cooking healthy lunches project thinking they could make sandwiches, salads, non-cook desserts etc. Any ideas would be much appreciated!
  2. MissSidney

    MissSidney New commenter

    I would suggest that a lesson focused on health and nutrition might be a really good way to go! Dependant on the maturity of the group, you could include articles / current news about the state of health of young adults. Something like that which is 'real' information, because it's so current and ongoing, might make an interesting prompt for them to think about the importance of healthy eating and what role they have to play in that.

    Good luck with the lesson obs
  3. helenkeeling

    helenkeeling New commenter

    Thanks for the feedback and the good wishes. I've actually just covered health and nutrients. If I'd know about the observation I would have held on!

    Think I'm going to do food hygiene instead. Saw a nice idea on here for a hook where I have a 'dirty' kitchen prepared. I'd make a mouldy sandwich and cough all over it, have my hair down etc! Thought the students could note down what things are wrong. The students of EAL so some could have the option of drawing. Not sure about the main task, maybe a poster? Not sure whether it's the most exciting outcome. My differentiated success criteria could be all can identify unhygienic practise in the kitchen, most can identify the correct hygienic procedures in the kitchen, some can explain the reasons for hygiene in the kitchen.
  4. blueskydreaming

    blueskydreaming Lead commenter

    Just use something from this website. Adapt it a bit. No worries.
    helenkeeling likes this.
  5. KB2015

    KB2015 New commenter

    There is a great facebook group for food technology teachers. They have a ton of resources and teachers share SOW and everything in between. People often post with dilemmas such as these and get brilliant responses. Its nice to have a group of people who are in the same boat as you.

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