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Year 6 to year 1.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Kaf80, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Hmmmmm......just been informed that I'm going to move from year 6 to year 1! I will openly admit I'm rather anxious and worried. I know it'll be a big shock.........................
    So... I'm looking for ANY advice or strategies that you think I might need till I settle in.....HELP!
  2. Hmmmmm......just been informed that I'm going to move from year 6 to year 1! I will openly admit I'm rather anxious and worried. I know it'll be a big shock.........................
    So... I'm looking for ANY advice or strategies that you think I might need till I settle in.....HELP!
  3. Wow, that is a huge jump! Will you be able to spend any time in Year 1 to see how things are run? Is it a single form entry or more?
    The first term of year 1 is normally a transition stage from R to 1. The planning will probably follow the EYFS with a similar timetable.
    Year 1 take a lot of training! The simplest of things that you take for granted in the older year groups can take a very long time to establish in KS1! I taught year 1 for 2 years and it was quite exhausting but I loved it.
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Lucky you is what I want to say...I teach year 6 and have spent most of my career in upper KS2 and am desperate to move.

    No idea about advice, but watch this space and I might be right there with you in Sept, crying over how little they can do!
  5. Hi, I've done the same recently (and the other way around in the past) so hopefully you'll find some of this useful.....Start by downloading and reading fantastic documents from the Early Years such as 'Children Thinking Mathematically: PSRN Essential Knowledge for Early Years Practitioners' which is equally suitable for Year 1 (and every other year group) in terms of solid, useful principals for teaching young children. You'll need lots of support getting your head around the 'Letters and Sounds' format too so try and get time out of class to observe a range of people delivering the various phases. Moving to Year 1 will be great, I guarantee, and a brilliant opportunity for you to put into place a really child-led curriculum, working from what they know and are familiar with- they do tend to tell you it straight at that age which is refreshing! Enjoy!
  6. Wow thanks for the tips you guys! It's a two form entry school and I've never done KS1 and I have been advised to take this opportunity. I'm hoping I'll get time to go in and observe over the summer term but realise it will be very different in Sept!

    Does anyone know of any life-saving resources I should be aware of? I know I'm gettin ahead of myself but with Sats looming it makes a nice change!
  7. Hmmm......life saving resources in year 1....
    *anti bac gel
    *more tissues
    *rescue remedy
    *a vast knowledge of cbeebies
  8. Ha ha...I'm going from Year 6 to Reception! Haven't a clue about the little sproggs!! Plus, I've only ever taught in Years 4, 5 and 6...I am looking forward to the challenge but seriosuly, don't know anything about teaching reception children!!! Anyone else ever been in the same position??
  9. inq


    Plan your lesson then get rid of 3/4 of it - they produce very little work to start with! When I first moved from Upper KS2 to KS1/ Reception I hadn't realised how much time it takes to find the page, find a pencil, remember what you needed to do, find resources, go to the toilet "because if not I'll burst" etc etc.
    Especially at the start of Y1 the curriculum tends to be very play based and child initiated as you still work towards the Foundation Stage Profile, this is fun once you get your head around it. I still try and make activities as practical as possible for most of the while whilst appreciating they do need to do some written work and learn how to record things.
    Make sure you have high expectations, Y1 children are often much more able than they let you think - "Please do up my buttons, Mummy does it for me at home...." I expect my Y1's to change in silence, fold their clothes onto their chair and only help with top buttons when changing for PE, I also expect them to be changed in 5 minutes (at the beginning of the year I gave them longer), they can do it. By this time of the year I expect them to write a (short) date and title on all of their work.
    Year 1 are lovely to teach, they love puppets and surprises and fun. I'm taught Y1 for 2 years and expect to have them again next year - I'm not complaining! They make so much progress during the year, coming up with lots of them only just starting to read fluently and leaving with most of them reading simple books with expression and understanding, writing also goes from emergent to most writing in sentences.
  10. I love year 1![​IMG]
    Have high expectations - they can get dressed, put their coat on, go to the toilet etc on their own, however they need lots of time to do simple jobs. PE time can be split in half by the time it takes them to change.
    Let them go to the toilet when they ask! At the start of the year they cannot wait 5 mins until playtime!
    I would advise that in the summer term you visit reception, rather than year 1, as that is what your first half term will be like.
    As for resources, puppets, tissues, stickers, stickers, stickers, individual whiteboards, nice colouring in pictures.

  11. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    But surely a good teacher will simply adapt their practice and manner to suit the needs of the class in front of them, whatever age that is? When we plan our week, we think 'How can I best teach this to my class?' Clearly 'best' is different in FS to year 6 to year 11, but s good teacher will still be able to teach each and every class. Hence when we qualify, we are qualified for all ages.

    If all goes to current likely plans, next year I shall be in year 1 or 2. That will mean in my 15 year career I will have taught (as my own class) all ages from 5 -18. I would say I've done equally well in all of them, though some I like more than others!
  12. I am supplying in a lovely infant school at the moment and just wanted to share this with you. They sing songs for everything! Always to the tune of a nursery ryhme (Baa Baa, or twinkle twinkle etc) Just adding your own words to fit.
    Example: (To the tune of I hear thunder)
    Magic Bag, (children echo) (Magic bag,)
    What's inside, (What's inside),
    What is the shape, (What is the shape),
    You're trying to hide, (Your'e trying to hide?)

    Also the teacher has a puppet called Cyril who introduces the WALT. (children wake him up with 'Wakey, Wakey Cyril. What are we learning today?')
    She has a little star puppet called Wilf. And a large A3 laminated sheet with a picture of Cyril at the top and 4 pictures of WILF at the bottom. Then the WALT gets written next to Cyril and the success criteria gets written next to each WILF. Rubbed off each lesson ready for the next lesson but children can watch her writitng it and join in or it can be ready for each session.
    I am thoroughly enjoying being with them at the moment but will be starting with year 6 after easter...don't think they'll appreciate my singing voice nearly as much.
  13. fre


    hi i did the same move a few years ago and it was fantastic i really loved it. year 1 are so responsive and eager. observe a few lessons first. ask to visit other schools as part of your professional development. as a teacher nothing changes only the method of delivery i found i preparation of resources took time but quanity of marking reduced.
    enjoy it
  14. The Red Heron

    The Red Heron New commenter

    Yes, I tend to find teachers in Foundation think they are in the most exclusive club in england sometimes-believe me, Y5/6 is just as demanding to teach but I wouldnt bar people from teaching in it unless theyd had 'special' training......
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  15. I agree that they are certainly more capable than they let on! I expect all my chn to be able to get changed - i dont do socks! I have mixed 1 and 2 (low ability 2). They were all working towards ELG when they came in. My chn are now able to write stories, know multiples of 2, 5, 10, use venn diagrams with intersections, can tell me what an adjective and an adverb are. They work in silence when working independently and keep noise to a minimum when working collaboratively. If you have high expectations and use lots of praise and rewards you will be amazed at what they can do. I have lots of puppets, a class friend, alfie the alphabet teddy, percy he penguin who goes home with my star of the week and poppy the problem solving puppet for maths. They love them. Lots of practical and imaginative activities - we did pirates and i pretended i had letters from pirates - they truly believed me and they went home and wrote further letters to and from the pirates. It is exhausting working in KS1 but I love it. Im sure you will too!
  16. Hi, I am going from NQT in year 6 to reception in a different school if you want to discuss... am excited about the challenge :)
  17. Im moving from Reception to Yr1 and I know it's not a big jump in many ways but .... our Yr 1 is sssooooo formal - all class working as a whole class and nooo choosing. What do you do when all class finish at the same time? Im thinking extention sheets will be too much to explain so soon in school year on top of the activity they have been given to do. Any ideas out there? Im having sleepless nights already.
  18. ChrisMcG, I'm in the same boat as you! While not a drastic move it is a different schedule and not appreciated by all that their R routine needs to be carried out. I'm thinking chn will be encouraged to move on from their work by extending it through puzzles, magnetic letters, paint, book corner? are you able to sway your school to letting you keep small scale water/sand/easel? am trying to figure out necessary displays and signage as my space is limited!
    good luck! don't stress too much now, you'll figure out a system with the kids and it will be difficult for them at first but they'll get it!
  19. libby77

    libby77 Occasional commenter

    Im going from KS2 (Year 6 and 3) into Year 1 and am slightly nervous! Im in the same boat and have no idea!
    Any help whatsoever would be appreciated!
  20. frustum

    frustum Lead commenter

    Parental perspective (daughter's year 1 teacher this year had moved from year 6):
    In reception, in our school, parents collect from the classroom, and there's lots of communication between teacher and parent - a real relationship builds up during the year.
    Daughter's year 1 teacher came out, took the line in, and that was it. We had little idea what they were doing in school, because we no longer saw the classroom, we felt awkward when we did catch the teacher to ask/tell her something, and I think the first parents evening was very difficult because everyone felt so in the dark. Also, most of the after-school communication was negative, speaking to people whose children had been difficult that day: it came as a real surprise to one parent to discover at parents evening that the teacher did actually like her son!
    So I think there can be real value in making an effort to start to get to know the parents early on, and also putting as much information up as possible so parents know what's happening.
    If you have parent helpers in school, that's something else that seems to be quite different between year 6 and year 1. Initially daughter's teacher was very unkeen, and didn't have any of us in until Christmas craft activities. After that she began to realise that parent help can be a good thing, and some of us have helped regularly for the rest of the year.
    Finally, watch how you dismiss the kids: you probably have school protocols for this, but daughter's teacher had obviously not realised that whereas with year 6 you can say "off you go", with year 1 it's a good idea to check their parent is actually there.

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