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year 6 to 7 transition

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by sohere, May 13, 2009.

  1. I am same as you , working with year 6 transition and this year bit with year 5. Now, what i did in adition was run a Maths Challenge for the feeder schools one morning in our school. Go onto Liverpool Mathematical Society site and look at Funmaths. For 20 quid you can buy a disc, it was 20 quid three years ago, with loads of graded activities for a fun event, all in age ranges yearly from year 5 to year 11. these are great resources, (they call it a Maths Roadshow i believe) you photcopy and laminate loads of activites. anyway itis great and sooooooo easy to set up. If you have problems finding it let me know.
    also, I do a maths relay where 4 teams run up and down a hall,collectig a question/task, completing it , running across hall to drop it off and get the next task. a real fun 2 hours for year 6. if you want more details let me know. where are you in the country by the way?
  2. cat_kin

    cat_kin New commenter

    Hi, would you be able to give me some more information about the maths relay? Do you have any resources you could send my way? Trying to think of some fun post SATS activities for next week!
  3. with the relay I just got about 40 to 50 printed A3 sheets of stuff from 10 ticks and 'Starter of the day' from the internet, (you must be aware of that site). Bt of physically cutting and pasting, literally with scissors and glue, and gettng tem photocopied and blown up to A3. Takes not too much time but worth it cos it lasts for years then. Again,where in the country are you? dont have to be toospecific, I am in Huddersfield.
  4. cat_kin

    cat_kin New commenter

    No I wasn't aware of either of those sites so thanks - they look good!
    Teach in south east London.
  5. cat_kin

    cat_kin New commenter

    Sorry I meant to say 'I teach in south east London' - reading that back it sounded like an order!
  6. ok. if you want any more information just ask.
  7. lancsHOD

    lancsHOD New commenter

  8. lancsHOD

    lancsHOD New commenter

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