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Year 6 Teachers - Revision - Please Help!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by missblack86, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. stuffedcrust

    stuffedcrust New commenter

    LyndaP! Light at the end of the tunnel! Thank you!
  2. Please please please could I get a peek at the task sheets..have been putting together a pack for my <ahem> not quite there yet Y6 and the boys in particular need something more than our generic school resources. The drip drip drip approach has clearly not sunk in and our mock sats highlighted the need for the writing task to be addressedfrom a different angle.
    Am in the process of putting together reading powerpoint to go with sci-fi penpals topic we're doing in writing which has proved popular and will post when proofread!
    My email is helen@spiritmachine.org.uk.
  3. 'approached from' ...see the need to proofread!
  4. Tee hee
    Is it just me or does the character in the hoverbike clip say "ohh sh it" at 3:05?
    You have to listen really closely though! [​IMG]
  5. Hello Stuffed Crust,
    This is my recipe for success in Literacy SATs
    Pre-school booster classes (just half an hour) - including toast if your head will wear it. I don't know why but coming to school early seems to make the children feel special and almost all of them attend - although maybe the toast and jam has something to do with that.
    Texts electronically presented on the IWB and also in the booklets; about 15 questions in the answer booklets at a time:sugar paper and felt tip marker pens - get the children to work in pairs or threes and plan their answers on the sugar paper before they write them individually, somehow its just more interesting for children if they write in coloured pens (during this time you can circulate and guide at least one group to get the right answer). Crucially they are still reading the questions and writing, they need to read and respond because that's what the exam is like. Working in a group helps them to bounce ideas off each other. At the end make sure you have time to get the children to give their answers and explain how they decided (the sugar paper answers are good here) - its just like a maths class (how did you work that out?)
    Exam practice is just vital - look at all the 'successful' schools around it is just always there - tutors do exactly this too. Time trial them - make sure they know how long they will have to answer a question and use a timer on the IWB to help them get up to speed.
    You can also buy some books that have useful revision exercises - if you run out of old SATs - Quick Fix for Year Six from Scholastic springs to mind.
    I can honestly say this really seems to work.

    Good Luck
  6. stuffedcrust

    stuffedcrust New commenter

    Thank you lapislazuli.blue! Some good advice there. Fingers crossed!
  7. kirstenly

    kirstenly New commenter

    Hi Stuffedcrust - any chance of getting a copy? Kirstyallan1@hotmail.com
    What I've been doing for revision of reading paper - bit 'clinical' but I copied the AF ticksheet at the front of the 2007 English marking book, gave the children the reading paper then marked it together - I'd explained previously all the AFs and what they mean, the point of this exercise was to help them recognise which AF the question was and they could see how much each of the AF questions were worth. Working up to doing to 2009 paper in a couple of weeks.
    Also had the children coming up with a question for each AF on a book of their choice.
    A course I went on said to 'train' the children in to answering all the Level 3 "circle the correct answer" questions first - not sure how far I agree with it though, as my class always rush the first lot of questions, cos they know they're the easy ones and carelessly get them wrong! I've started to photocopy questions but mix up the order they're in just to make them pay attention to each question separately!
  8. kirstenly

    kirstenly New commenter

    Also - highlighters are brilliant for the children to highlight certain words in questions - I know the important ones are often in bold, but I have seen children answer "why" when it asks "what" or "when" when it asks "where" - I have them highlight these words in the practise papers and hopefully, it'll make them pay more attention to the instruction come the big day!
  9. hi
    you probably do this anyway so apologies if it is a case of done and dusted. i give each child a text to read either individually or in pairs and ask them to supply a variety of questions including at least one inf and ded. they then read out their questions to see if anyone can answer them correctly.

  10. Hi Stuffedcrust - a very simple tip I was shown was using bullet points for the 2 and 3 mark answers and chn seem clearer on how much they have to write to get the points. E.g - a 2 mark question chn need to use 2 different ideas and split into 2 bullet points - it helps them see if they have got enough- sometimes they write the same idea in a slightly different way so need guided work on making sure their answers are different! I also model answering the type of question they are working on as a target e.g. why did the author use this phrase- the children watch me answer one with bullet points then they answer one very similar. They need to see you writing an answer regularly just like in writing lessons. I also don't work through whole tests in guided reading we target a particular style of question for a few days - will revise doing whole books nearer time.
    Hope these simple ideas help- sorry if it is patronising or not helpful at all!!!
    Can I ask if you could send me the hoverbike writing resources as I would like to use these. My e-mail: marshallpants@hotmail.com
  11. stuffedcrust

    stuffedcrust New commenter

    A big thank you to everyone who has offered advice with reading comprehension! I hope the hoverbike resources come in handy!
  12. I watched Hover bike with my son (5) he cried and I had a little wee. Would love the resources Stuffed Crust or from anyone else who has had it. maryhope1974@hotmail.com
  13. thanks so much for sending resources :)
  14. stuffedcrust

    stuffedcrust New commenter

    Kirstenly, no I haven't - I've Googled for them and can't seem to find anything!
  15. Hello there,looks like you're getting bombarded by requests! Would you send your resources on to me also? My email is spannasteve@hotmail.com.
    Many thanks and good luck with SATs.
  16. frances05

    frances05 New commenter

  17. Hi stuffedcrust!!
    Really sorry to jump on the band wagon but any chance I could get a copy of the worksheets too - i have a Y5/6 mixed class with 23 boys only 9 girls and i know the boys would love this - many thanks - charlottegray_15@hotmail.com
  18. I loved it too stuff crust!! any chance of a copy of your task sheets as i would love to use this with my year 6.
    my email is charlene.tuck@yahoo.co.uk
  19. stuffedcrust

    stuffedcrust New commenter

    You have mail! Hope they come in useful for you all.

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