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Year 6 Teachers - Revision - Please Help!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by missblack86, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. I have sat down today to plan the course of action for revision for my class and im feeling a little overwhelmed by how much there is to cover before May. I have made a list of every area i want to cover and revisit in both literacy and numeracy, but dont know where to start putting this together into some sort of logical teaching sequence! Im also terrified i miss something out.[​IMG]
    Does anyone have an outline of what they plan to do after half term? Im not looking for someone to do the work for me as i know that whats right for one class wont be right for my own, but im really struggling to find a starting point. Even if its just a vague outline of what you plan to look at each week it would be a massive help.
    I would really appreciate pointing in the right direction - i've been looking at this list for hours and am close to pulling my hair out with frustration!
    Please help!

  2. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    Oh Wow....not got much to offer in way of advice because I am in Wales. Your question has just taken me right back to flashbacks of weeks and weeks of revision with my class years ago. The lack of SATs in Wales is sometimes a pain as the pressure on the y6 teachers to accurately level their classes and provide reams of evidence is difficult, however, year 6 no longer have whole weeks of their life devoted to rivising at the expense of all creative subjects and then the stress of practice tests, then the real ones!
    Practically I would look at the number of areas of maths/science etc you want to cover and split the time accordingly.
  3. Thanks for your reply Waterfin. To be honest its the literacy that is worrying me - im tampering with the idea of leaving the chn's weaknesses to nearer SATs (for example, we havent spent much time exploring balanced arguments so i was going to leave this until April to spend time going over so its fresh in their minds) but, in the back of my mind i cant help feeling that im digging my own grave by leaving it so late.
    I know exactly what objectives/text types etc i want to cover - but its the order i cover them that is concerning me.
    Also, are you going to revise non-chron reports as it was the 2009 task and its unlikely to come up 2 years running - then again, is that taking too much of a risk?
    I feel like we have so much to cover and dont know where to start.
  4. Hi
    I have just mapped out Literacy revision and decided to use animations and extracts of text-types so it is a bit more lively and less 'stressful' on the children (if that is possible). .
    Going to do recount for one week covering effective diary entry writing, formal eyewitness accounts, autobiographical and biographical based on an animation called 'Autonomy'. The children are quite confident on this so cramming into a week should be okay. Got loads of sentence-level revision in there- more complex sentences; punctuation for effect etc.
    I will then use an animation I came across called 'Hoverbike' to cover a range of forms of writing. This includes revisiting persuasive writing (advertisement), explanantion of how the bike works, instructions for using the hoverbike, formal and informal letter (complaint and thank you) and then focus on balanced argument (for and against hoverbikes), which I will spend longer on. I came across these ideas searching on Google.
    The above amounts to around four out of five weeks in the next half term. I will then look at the final week and first two weeks with focus on journalitic and then I donwhere text-types may be combined- such as discussion in form of a script, narrative to argue point etc.
    I always give the children a range of structural organisers/writing prompts that mirror ones they can expect in the tests so they are confident in not only using skeleton planning frames, but other forms of doing so.
    I don't think I will spend a great deal of time on non-chronological report as it came up last year- will probably revisit it in another curriculum area if there is time.
  5. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    I agree with Jazzster - look for topics which will allow you to cover 3-4 genres over 2-3 weeks rather than spending too long on one. We actually focus a lot more on the "basics" of writing: vocabulary, sentence structures, paragraphing, intro/conclusion etc. For a lot of the genres (e.g. non-chronological report, biography, description) they will do fine if they can write without really focussing on the genre. Others (letter, playscript, news report) have specific features ... try to focus on these.
    We also do story writing 1 hour per week just to get them used to produce a complete/part fiction text in the 45 minutes allowed. The Mysteries of Harris Burdick is a book of pictures which provides some good inspiration.
    Maths ... I try to have covered everything by now (just got ratio/proportion & quadrilaterals left to do), so I tend to do something every lesson. Focus on areas of weakness (e.g. gap analysis of previous tests).
  6. Thank you for your replies [​IMG]
    I like the idea of addressing the genres through topics rather than through text types - i think this is something i could use. I was thinking about using 'holidays' as a topic (could integrate persuasion, letters of complaint/informal letters, descriptions, recounts, diary entries) but i like the sound of the hover bike animation. Where could i find it?
    Does anyone know if there has been/is an example of an explanation used for either a long/short task?
    [​IMG] Im starting to see the wood for the trees
  7. Thanks for the link, jazzster.
    I think we are going to have lots of fun in Y6 with this one. [​IMG]
    As to the original topic, make sure the children can actually write good sentences/paragraphs and use the prompt. We have spent a lot of time doing this with mainly narrative up to now. From this point on we will visit lots of non-narrative text types and practise using our skills and using planning to develop ideas.
    Good luck [​IMG]
  8. I love the hoverbike clip - it amused me very much [​IMG]

    What are your thoughts on the theme of 'holidays'?
  9. I think that 'Holidays' has loads of potential- if you are enthusiastic about it and it'll capture the children's interest then go for it!
  10. stuffedcrust

    stuffedcrust New commenter

    Jazzster, you've totally inspired me! Fabulous ideas and a great animation for the hoverbike. My Y6 kids will love this and it will be a great opportunity to squeeze in as many text types as possible! I've created 4 task sheets from your ideas so thank you very much! If you leave your e mail address, I'll send them on to you. Once again, thank you!
  11. I agree, Stuffed Crust, it had me giggling when i watched it so i think my y6 would love it too!
    Any chance i could have a copy of the task sheets?
    Thanks again for all of your help! [​IMG]
    oooh one more question - what are you both doing about science?
  12. Much as I hate bandwaggons, I wonder if you would mind passing the task sheets on to me?
    Thanks in advance [​IMG]
    Science - we are currently working through the topics without the usual haste. Will probably do some revision before doing a set of past papers to add to teacher assessment.

  13. My lot do a mental maths test every week and from there I now aim to do a workshop lesson e.g. chn wanting to focus on the first set of 10 questions to work together and the others on the later questions. I will give them a w/b and as a group they will work through the tricky questions and look at strategies, key info, maths vocab etc. We will then share these at the end of the session.
    I use their sat papers to analysis areas that they struggle on and create a medium of sat booster sessions. There is no set order to this as I could 1 day be doing probability and the next doing percentages. I try as hard as I can to link things e.g. revise percentages through equivalent fractions, decimals and perc etc. As long as it is helping the chn, surely that is the most important thing!
    Ensure your chn have a good understanding of problem solving and are secure on the 4 main operations. I have done a 3 week booster on these and showing the chn 'these are the sort of calc you would use this for... e.g. formal, mental etc'. We did this for all the operations. We revise all the operations and how to calc answers through all the key strategies.
    Again, I aim to teach a topic then do a workshop session once a week on application to sat questions. They often ask 2 things at once e.g. the perimeter of a regular pentagon is 25cm. What is the length of one side? The chn need to know how to identify what is being asked and link learning. I aim to do this through level 4 and level 5 questions similar to the mental maths workshop sessions.
    Literacy - ensure you have covered recount e.g. diary, bio, general recount, report writing, persuasion, letter writing, structure of a story etc.
    Ensure the chn can use varied sentence types so do 10 min sentence games a day. This works really well and get them to edit and improve through adding in adverbs/ adjectives/ embedded clauses.
    Use a lesson a week to edit and improve completed work.
    Make sure the chn can say the 5ws! Can write a good intro and concluding paragraph as this is quite key to comp.
    Also make sure they are doing a big write every week and allowing them to practise various genres e.g. use testbase, which lists old literacy sat questions for the last 5 or 6 years, and get them to tell you success criteria for the piece before they write it. Towards the end they should do this without you cueing them.
    I hope this is useful! This is all of what I did last year.
  14. As an NQT about to start in a mixed 5/6 class, thank you!
  15. I was an NQT in Yr 6 last year and all of what I said, really worked well.
    Good luck and even though it is hard work, I enjoyed every minute.

  16. Would really like it if you could send those my way too! I have had a similar idea based on a specific text, which I can pass to you when back at school next week in return.

  17. stuffedcrust

    stuffedcrust New commenter

    You have mail guys.

  18. stuffedcrust, they are brilliant. Many thanks for sharing[​IMG]

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