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Year 6 Short narrative with Flashbacks

Discussion in 'Primary' started by toggle2, May 13, 2010.

  1. Hello,
    can see lots of great posts on this, but wondered if anybody had any planning that they didn't mind sharing so I can adapt for my class ...don't really want to use the Piano, but thought I could use the French film or Harry Potter...

    many thanks in advance x[​IMG]

  2. We taught the five part flashback last term- we took them out around about the local historical sites (walking distance) to act as astimulus for their settings.
    We watched the beginning section of Titanic to show one way in which the flash back could begin.
    The children then chose an object to be their trigger and then trhough modelled/shared writing they wrote each part at a time.
    We are in the process of filming them telling their stories for a premier evening later on next half term - jackanory style.
    Hope this helps??
  3. Sounds great! do you have any planning I could adapt...especially the guided writing part...am thinking doing sentence work of plu perfect...eg he had been standing at the door..[​IMG]
  4. Hi
    Have been searching the site for help with teaching flashback and wondered if, by any chance, you had any planning that I could cheekily have to help me out! I realise that this post is from a long time ago but I am clutching at straws as my brain has gone dead even though it's half term....
    I have previously used Harry Potter (Hamilton Trust ) but have not found it that successful.

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