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Year 6 SATS - papers returned?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by uk2020, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. Andy_R22

    Andy_R22 New commenter

    Generally happy.

    Have 2 kids 1 off L4 for reading and 5 kids 1 off L5 for reading so will be checking those tomorrow.

    Just checked my borderline SPAGs. 1 child got 49 but only 5 spellings and crossed the correct answer out...grrrr.

    1 who missed level 4 by 1 mark wrote a capital A for an article in a sentence. Ridiculous as she used the correct articles and clearly didn't want it to be a capital and wouldn't have used it had she written the whole sentence. Pretty sure it won't be changed but very annoying
  2. Right off to bed all, good luck to everyone and thanks for the collective support over the last few days. See you again next year, same time same place same worries.
  3. jnet51

    jnet51 New commenter

    Similar here Andy - we have 2 on 18 and 3 on 31
  4. Professor Dumbledore

    Professor Dumbledore New commenter

    Four kids on 75 for maths, ugh. Two of them steady fives all through the year. Also, too many 3's for SPaG. Five level sixes for maths though and 2 for writing, which is amazing for us! Overall a bit shakey though. On the other hand, many of the 3's came into us on L1...
  5. toomuchtoosoon

    toomuchtoosoon New commenter

    We too have a lot of 3s in SPAG? and 5s but few 4s. Pleased with 5s in reading especially after last year. Overall pleased.
  6. AdrienneKing

    AdrienneKing New commenter

    Urgh! Feel sick....way too many L3s for SPaG. What is the thinking behind such a small margin for L4? I have lots of 5s and 3s....odd....thought the threshold was s'posed to widen this year?...
  7. Sorry to be selfish, but am glad others have lots of 3s in the SPAG - I have loads more than last year and many are only 1 or 2 marks from the threshold. :-(

    Maybe their agenda is all ok where the gov't has been in place for several years but look how desperately we need the grammar curriculum? GRRRR.

    They got 4s on all of the samples and we worked so f'ing hard. Sorry to swear first thing but GRRRRRR.

    Least the level 5 reading went down. [​IMG]
  8. poet

    poet New commenter

    God my SPAG is awful too. Just have groups of 5s and 3s. Firmly believe it's the spelling. Need to triple check today.
  9. jnet51

    jnet51 New commenter

    Anyone know where we access sub level thresholds to judge sub level progress from Y2 -Y6
  10. Engcountryboy

    Engcountryboy New commenter

    So little movement in the Maths Thresholds - was convincing myself that there wouldn't be any.. but so needed a drop of one mark in level 5 entry. But pretty much as teacher assessments through the term.
  11. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    Similar story with Grammar test. 4 children on 41 and all because of poor spelling scores. Head teacher not happy with results!
  12. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    I had one child score 42 on the grammmar section and still come out with a level 3 due to severe dyslexia
  13. squirrel9367

    squirrel9367 New commenter

    I have all 3s and 5s for SPAG - no level 4s at all!!
  14. Emma73

    Emma73 New commenter

    SPAG results just highlight the shift in priorities, I think. I have 15 kids who scored above 40 on SPAG but didn't get a 5 as a result of spelling. One lad got 45/50 and only 9 in spelling so missed the 5. It's a real shame but indicates the shift in agenda and spelling becoming a gauge of success. I think the developing knowledge of grammar that the kids have has helped their writing develop and the dialogue about improving is easier to have, but successful spelling is something I still have a real issue with...hey ho, at least I have one clear priority for my SIP...
  15. I hope it is a case of your headteacher not being happy rather than blaming. SATs results are a shared responsibility and I speak as a very experienced headteacher.
  16. Does anyone know where I can find the address to send some reading papers back for revising? It states Pearson on the NCA Tools website but cant track the address down on there?
  17. Is there anything specific that you've spotted for sending back?
  18. regretbeaucoup

    regretbeaucoup New commenter

    Glad it's not just me that couldn't find the address for sending scripts back. Have a student one mark away from a L5 who they have been so harsh on - she has given one valid point, but spread across the 2 numbered lines. They have given her zero out of the possible two marks. Also submitted a SPAG with a clearly incorrectly marked answer - difference between no level and a 3!

    Is this the first year Pearson have done it? Is the lack of an address a ruse to reduce someone's workload??
  19. bernie30

    bernie30 New commenter

    I was so relieved to see Reading threshold down this year - had a number on 34 / 35 borderline that were straight Level 5's all year - now have 88% level 5 in reading plus one level 6 reading.

    Maths - i thought with new paper they might have lowered the level 5 mark ( wishful thinking) most of mine scored lower on paper 2 than 1 - but at least over 60 % level 5 plus all 8 of my level 6 got the mark.

    Spag - its the spellings that let them down so much - did a real push this year and have 2 level 3, 4 level 4 and rest 5's with 3 getting level 6 Spag.
  20. Has anyone found that children have been penalised for writing the correct answer but with more detail? By this I mean they have literally written word for word what it states is an acceptable answer in the mark scheme but extended the sentence slightly. My brain is too frazzled to think of exact examples but it has happened a couple of times, and for a couple of children those one or two marks have made a difference of a level.

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