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Year 6 SATS - papers returned?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by uk2020, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    Wondered if anyone has received their marked Y6 SATs papers?

  2. academicallyblonde

    academicallyblonde New commenter

    They won't have finished being marked yet. We get the results on 8th July. Not sure about the papers.
  3. The guidance booklet says that the papers will be returned BY the 8th July however thresholds will be released ON the 8th July.

    Ultimately the marked papers are useless until the powers that be have decided what the thresholds should be.
  4. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    You won't have any for a while, it isn't yet the date when the markers can start returning them.
  5. When they are returned, it's well worth checking the marking and the marks totals. Last year about a fifth of ours weren't totaled correctly, some quite substantially. At least one pupil missed out on a level 4 because one of her answers was incorrectly marked wrong on the reading paper.
  6. I would be expecting back this week!!!!!
  7. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    They'll start coming this week.
  8. Maths returned today; very pleased with the results so far!
  9. Got our Maths papers today- any thoughts on the pass mark?
  10. juninho10

    juninho10 New commenter

    Reading scripts returned today. Don't want to speculate as I'm sure they could play around with thresholds with it being a new test format.
  11. I haven't had my maths back - was it what you expected? Did you get L6 papers back?
  12. How did you chn do in the reading papers? Do you feel happy with what you are seeing? Most ppl think threshold will go down for maths. Apparently thresholds for reading will of up - a marking said it was harder to get the marks this year.
  13. We have 5 children on 78 marks- if the threshold goes down then it'll be brilliant. Level 6 won't come back to July 8th I think. I wish it was like the olden days when the papers came back with levels on. Being kept in limbo is a real pain.
  14. Our reading back today...have so many borderline level 5...really hope the threshold drops for L5!
  15. We got reading back today...really hope the L5 threshold drops lots of 32+ but not enough 36+!!! Even those who've consistently scored strong L5s on the old style papers!! Anyone else found this?
  16. Ours are returned
  17. Totally mirror what your saying
  18. That is good i think then...if its similar all round its likely the threshold for L5 should be lower
  19. We have quite a few children who have been scoring 40+ who have come back with 32-35 :s

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