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Year 6 rewards?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Flo71, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. Flo71

    Flo71 New commenter

    I am moving classes to year 6 after half term from the infants and am wondering what rewards they respond well to. They have marbles in the jar where they can earn class golden time but I was wondering whether there are more individual reward ideas that children this age would still like to have. In the infants I operated a sticker system and after 10 stickers the child would get a prize but think this could be seen as too babyish for year 6.
  2. We have team point cards, the children can earn these through good work or behaviour and they take them home to show their parents at the end of the week, one girl is apparently aiming to wallpaper her room with them over the year! They still love stickers but only get these for exceeding their targets in maths and spelling tests, a little shiny sticker every time it is achieved, a large shiny sticker after 5! ( No prizes here, I'm clearly mean that way!)
  3. I teach in year 6 and have SMART points that are given out if children demonstrate certain SMART qualities. (S=Sensitive, M=Motivated, A=Attentive, R=Respectful and Responsible and T=Truthful and Trustworthy)
    If children demonstrate any of these qualities they are rewarded with a SMART point that looks like a thumb. They place this thumb on the SMART pictogram and every time there are five thumbs they swap it for a hand. Every three weeks the team with the most points earns a small prize (purchased from Wilkinsons).
    Kids love it and it looks at non-academic attributes.
    I can place all templates onto resources section if anyone interested.
  4. Flo71

    Flo71 New commenter

    Hi I would be interested if you could put it in resources. I'm just not sure what sort of prizes they would appreciate at that age, my old year 2s had bubbles and bouncy balls, lol.
  5. My class earn table points throughout the week and the winning table gets to pick a prize from the shiny silver prize box which contains bouncy balls, little packs of rubbers, plastic harmonicas etc all bought from asda. They love the tacky little prizes!!
  6. My whole school uses raffle tickets, awarded for Golden Rules etc. One gets picked out at the end of the week - cuts down on the number of prizes and a good lesson in probability! Pound shop does pencils etc in packs - girls particularly like pens with fluff at the end! Yes, Beckycharles, why DO they LOVE the tacky stuff? But they DO!

  7. I have a 'reward board' system. On the whiteboard, using a perm pen, I have the numbers 1-35 written. It works like a raffle. Whenever I want to reward an individual I ask them to choose a number and write their name next to it. There are no rules about how many times each person can have etc. Whenever it is all full up (could be 2 times a day or 2 times a week - that's what I love so easy to use) I pull out of a box a number. The winner gets to have 10 mins on a maths website the next time it suits (e.g. registration etc) and they can choose a partner to join them. I've used this for years and they love it :)
    Choosing people to sit on chairs during carpet time works well too.
  8. Children LOVE stickers!!
    No matter what age they still work. I teach year 6 and use stickers all the time. Especially personalised ones 'Miss .....says i'm a star' etc. They also like whacky stickers. We operate a merit system where 25, 50 and 100 merits get them a bronze, silver or gold certificate. I also send notes home to say they have worked hard/ behaved well etc. As a whole school they can go in the Golden book and be called up in assembly to recieve a had=nd shake and special sticker from the Head. and as a class they work towards a whole class reward for whole class hard work. in the form of a treat chosen by them ( within certain bounds ) at the moment we are working toward a class party. this might well tie in with Christmas - what a happy co incidence! We also have house points but find that only a few of them are motivated by these.
    Hope this helps.
  9. Thank you so much for all your excellent ideas. I have hopefully really benefitted from reading them as I begin my NQT year in a 5/6 class in September! Scary stuff so hopefully these will help me.
  10. MitziG

    MitziG New commenter

    I know this is an old thread but thank you for these suggestions - I shall be in my first ever class - year 6- this September.
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