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Year 6 Residential Visit Suggestions Wanted

Discussion in 'School trips' started by Rebbol, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Our year 6 go to Avon Tyrell in the New Forest. Very successful visits for the last 4 years. The same centre is used by the Winchester Schools Orchestra's and choirs for their residentials. I presume they are very happy as they keep using it and the kids really love it. Basic, clean, great food and a good selection of activities inc. a lake for rafting etc.
  2. jessjaw

    jessjaw New commenter

    I would also highly recommend Knapp House in Northam, North Devon. It's family run, has a fantastic range of activities and has a great approach to looking after schools and groups. We particularly like way the instructors have a real talent for the pastoral, caring side of things, and also the way the programme was completely suited to our own needs. It's nice to visit a family-run venture and from the teacher's side of things- the accommodation provided for children and staff was good: So much fun and a hit with the children and staff!
  3. Hi Rebbol, you may have already booked up and I would be interested to find out where you found. Wide Horizons is a charity that runs residential's it has centres in Wales, Swanage and Kent. Good focus on education as well as fun! www.widehorizons.org.uk

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