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Year 6 "taster lesson"- Food

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by littlemissraw, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    There's a similar thread going on already (can't post link on my phone) cooking with primary I think it's called xx
  2. I have been doing this for years but we have a 3 hour session and make Veg Italienne in groups and fruit salad for lunch with pasta and cheese. I would think in an hour you can make the fruit salad and do some eatwell plate recall and fruit naming etc. If you post your email on here I will send lesson plan.
    Juniors absolutely love it and so worth doing
  3. We do an hour's practical making cookies. As long as you have older kids as helpers and perhaps a technician to weigh out loads of ingredients before hand it is doable.

    We also lay out all the equipment they need so all they need to do is listen to the H&S brief at the start and off you go. The kids love to cook and they have something to take home with them.
  4. Hiya
    The chocolate truffles go down well - I think you only have a 30 min - 45 min slot - little cooking involved, more like assembly and if you have time at the end you could do some sensory analysis and start introducing some technical words or rating systems. Kids love working with chocolate and you can prep most of the stuff before they come in - just be careful with chocolate and check you don;t have any nut allergy students - but can get kinnerton chocolate and make your own fairy cakes to use as the cake crumbs - doesn't cost the earth to do either
    Does make lots of mess - but they enjoy it !!
    Have fun [​IMG]

  5. Mike I will get back to you when in school tomorrow. We have done bread in the past but i think it is imprtant for them to mix it not just shape but it is in KS2 for them to do themselves also done cookies but we settled on the Take 5 day as this is what the junior school wanted-they ahve an allotment- working with fruit and veg is also on the Ks2 SOW and we made it fit in with healthy eating ideas as well as giviing them an idea of what Ks3 is all about. Would never do chocolate -too many allergies about - lactose/nuts etc. The veg italienne is based on a Jamie Oliver school meal and the kids love it.

    ?Rhubarb season is over round here!
  6. Why don't you try bruschetta only bake it rather than <strike>burn </strike>grill it.
    I'll find the recipe for you.

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