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YEAR 6 Primary school transition children in care

Discussion in 'Primary' started by hstratfordtuke, May 1, 2017.

  1. hstratfordtuke

    hstratfordtuke New commenter

    My name is Harriet Stratford-Tuke and I am undertaking a dissertation as part of the BA (Hons) Childhood Studies undergraduate program at Nottingham Trent University.The main aims of the research are to examine the barriers children who are looked after face to make a successful transition from primary to secondary school. The research will be carried out by eliciting the views of stakeholders regarding the transition to secondary school for looked after children. The questionnaire has ten questions and will take no longer than five minutes to complete. Your contribution will be highly valued. By continuing past this page you are agreeing to participate in this questionnaire and the subsequent research. Thank you once again for your participation.

    Please follow this link to the questionnaire

  2. drvs

    drvs Star commenter

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