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Year 6 - playscripts - I'm stuck!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by devonshire lass, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. I have three days literacy to teach next week in my year 6 class. Obviously we are ploughing through revision ad I thought I would do a three day recap on playscripts, however I am having a complete mental block about it - does any one have any ideas/suggestions for good ways to revise this topic.

    Any ideas gratefully received!
  2. There is a past SAT persuasive playscript. I have linked it with The Giant's Necklace which was inspired by work that Juliateacher had done.
    How about: Playscript linked to your class novel; give the chn a pic of an argument and write a playscript for it;I have linked it also in RE with the discussion between Jesus and the Disciples in The Garden Of Gethsemane.
    Hope these are of some help.
  3. Thank you I found this page really useful. I've been teaching for years and have a massive bank of resources but ideal to get quick resources to use in the class. [​IMG]

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