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Year 6 Maths Sat prep

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by AnnieT, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I'm new to Year 6 this year, and teach in a school where a big push is put on working towards the SATS from now - and I just dont really know where to start! (particually with maths) Should I be continuing to use the framework to ensure I've covered everything they need to know, or revising?
    Any help or tips should be great! Thank you!
  2. What are aiming to do?
    <ol>[*]Empower kids with mathematical ability and knowledge to take on with them[*]Manufacture results that are not a fair reflection of their real ability to service the data junkies in SLT</ol>If its the former keep on with the SOW, ensuring numeracy is tip top, the top end of the class are stretched and there are some solid foundations built. Plymouth CIMT work would be great with a little Nrich to keep the sparky ones occupied. Overally though, mainly a sequentual learning pattern free of automated parrot fashion maths as they have a great 6 month period to ready themselves for KS3 and they joy of maths
    If its the latter then I will step aside. Working in KS3 with 'level 5' pupils who don't have a scooby is a little concerning
  3. LiamD

    LiamD Occasional commenter

    I agree whole-heartedly Betamale!
    A term and a half of SATS prep. is an absolute joke. Our year 7s are surveyed in their first week of secondary school about their transition experiences. One of the areas covered is their attitudes to the subjects they studied at primary school. Maths, English & Science always fill the top 3 most disliked spots. For this year's intake the results were markedly different Maths and English fared no worse than any other subject.
    I suppose it could be a coincidence that 2 of our 3 feeder primaries opted out of the KS2 tests, but I doubt it.
    Incidentally, this cohort appear better at Maths than in previous years

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