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Year 6 Maths Planning A1 - HELP!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Pinklady82, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Pinklady82

    Pinklady82 New commenter

    I havent actually planned A1 yet for year 6 but if you just want to see an example of how to plan from RFW I have plans for year 5 from last year you could look at? Just leave your email and I can send them you if it'll help. ONce I have done A1 I'll let you have it but that could be a while as wehave pshe weeks and then residential before more formal work starts.

    Pinklady x
  2. I think there are far too many objectives to cover for 2 weeks work. I suggest going for the objectives that your children really need the practice with and concentrate on them. Most of the objectives are revisited anyway in A2 and A3. This is what I have tried to do again this year. It seemed to work Ok last year and I have the bottom set again so there is no way we can cover everything suggested in the time that we have. Stick with what they need to do and if you have the bottom set - keep it simple!
  3. Hi,

    Could you possibly send me the Year 5 plan plus the Year 6 plan when it is complete. I'm having a nightmare with the RFW. I can't see how you can possibly cover all objectives in two weeks!!


  4. Pinklady82

    Pinklady82 New commenter


    Do you still want the plans? I have y6 a1.. leave your email if you do

  5. teresa35

    teresa35 New commenter

    I can also send you some a1 plans but would need your email.
  6. rach1968

    rach1968 New commenter

    I can't understand why any school would want to use these blocks religiously. They are awful and jump about from one thing to another far to quickly. I would recommend you plan starting with the basics - lots of number work (understanding what numbers are made up of is paramount, as are times tables). This is just my opinion having been in Year 6 last year - so many children still haven't got that basic understanding because too much has been thrown at them, too soon.

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